In today’s episode, we’re going to dive deep into the Written Content Personality® type. If you’re not sure what on earth a Content Personality® is, go back and listen to Episode 1 real quick

When you take the Content Personality® Quiz, you’ll discover that you align with one Content Personality®…not all five. So if you’ve been trying to do video (but dread it), or trying to author a book (but you’d rather pull your hair out), you’re likely NOT that Content Personality®.


Ellie could not figure out why she was so exhausted after hosting sales calls via Zoom.

They were a total energy drain for her–and this was impacting both her revenue and her joy. After taking the quiz, Ellie discovered she was Written. We helped her pivot both her marketing and selling strategy to leverage her Written Content Personality™. She recommitted to connecting more deeply with her email list via story marketing, and she “hosted” sales calls via messenger and email. Her energy soared–and so did her revenue ($250k/year after the switch!). 

Time Stamps

1:03 The Content Personality® Club

4:08 Email marketing

7:07 Case Studies

10:54 Guidebook or ebook?

13:59 How to use your Written Content Personality®