What’s Your Content Personality®?

In less than 3 minutes, this quiz will reveal your natural marketing strength (called your Content Personality®), so that you know EXACTLY how to simplify your marketing, deepen relationships with your community, and double your revenue.

By identifying your Content Personality®, you will discover:

  • How to use your natural strengths to create marketing content. 
  • How to maximize your time and energy by choosing a marketing platform that matches your Content Personality®.  
  • How to sell in a way that doesn’t leave you lost in the weeds and wondering what to do next to generate more clients and revenue. 

This could be you👇

💥Sue reached out because she needed to build a 6-figure blogging business – but there was just one small problem. She was enrolled in The Witness Protection Program and could not use her birth name, face, or any other identifying factors that would put her in further danger. So, we got to work!

After taking the Content Personality® Quiz, she discovered she was video. We used a type of content called screencast to capture her voice over prepared slides and graphics. In just under a year, Sue built a thriving 6-figure business teaching others how to blog—and she never showed her face or gave away her identity. (Fun Fact: She bought exclusive rights to a “stock image” persona – and that was the work around for the headshot issue!)

💥Connie was having trouble generating qualified leads for her coaching business. She was offering online training –but was not finding joy or traction in this type of sales event. After taking the quiz, Connie discovered she was Live-In Person. We immediately helped her with a marketing and selling strategy to leverage her Content Personality®. She began hosting intimate workshops and retreats in her hometown. After her first 2 day event—she closed $24k in sales! 

💥Ellie could not figure out why she was so exhausted after hosting sales calls via Zoom. They were a total energy drain for her–and this was impacting both her revenue and her joy. After taking the quiz, Ellie discovered she was Written. We helped her pivot both her marketing and selling strategy to leverage her Written Content Personality®. She recommitted to connecting more deeply with her email list via story marketing, and she “hosted” sales calls via messenger and email. Her energy soared–and so did her revenue ($250k/year after the switch!).