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The Art of Joyful Marketing: Amy Hager’s Blueprint for Business Bliss

With her expertise in creating values-driven, organic marketing strategies, Amy shares her insights on the Joyful Marketing Blueprint Workshop with the Success Unlimited Podcast.


Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing What’s Better?

Catch a candid conversation between Andrea & Shannon as they discuss how organic marketing can be used to get more clients for your business—and why it’s crucial to find your Content Personality® so you can convert the your ideal clients into paying customers.


Unleashing the Power of the Joy Line with Amy Hager

Amy Hager explores how making changes based on the joy line can not only help you personally, but your team as a whole. Listen in on the Corporate Detox Podcast.


Putting the JOY back in your storytelling content and relationship building

Connecting with your audience should feel like a relationship. But how? Shannon shares her shine story + tips on how to make your storytelling shine.


Following Your Joy to Success with M. Shannon Hernandez

Join Stacey O’Bryne is joined by founder of Joyful Business Revolution M. Shannon Hernandez for an eye-opening conversation on obstacles in marketing strategy, early beginnings, and prioritizing your joy.


Unleash Your Potential: The 5 Content Personality® Types with Amy Hager

Discover how to tap into your unique marketing strengths with Amy Hager’s guide on Content Personality® Types in the latest episode of “The Entrepreneur Society.” Learn about the five types – Live in Person, Video, Audio, Written, and Visual – and how they can transform your marketing and communication strategies.


Avoiding Marketing and Content Creation Burnout with Amy Hager

To help you beat marketing and content creation burnout and keep your creative spark alive, we’re excited to welcome Amy Hager to the show today.


Let’s Talk All About That Joy In Life & Business with M. Shannon Hernandez

In this podcast, I join Hollis Citron on her I Am Creative to talk about my healing journey to more joy and more creativity in my life and business.


How to Create Organic Content That Converts with Amy Hager

Are you struggling to find the right approach to your marketing strategy? Have you been feeling drained and uninspired by certain methods of communication? Perhaps it’s time to explore the concept of content personality types. In a recent episode of the Entrepreneur Society podcast, guest Amy Hager, from Joyful Business Revolution, shared valuable insights into the five content personality types and how understanding yours can revolutionize your marketing approach.


How to Create Organic Content That Converts with Amy Hager

The internet is flooded with content. Most online business owners produce some kind of organic content to bring awareness and traffic to their business, but few business owners are actually able to generate meaningful traffic and/or sales from that content. In this episode, Amy talks about how she built a multiple 6-figure business with her own organic marketing efforts and also how she helps others to build successful, profitable online businesses by focusing on just one type of organic content to bring in traffic and sales.


Building a Joy-Fueled Business with M. Shannon Hernandez and Amy Hager

Building a joy-fueled business is a choice we all have, whether we realize it or not. If you’ve never heard of this, or need to fine-tune things, in this podcast we share the inside scoop about how to ensure you build a joy-fueled business.


Take Your Organic Marketing to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? In this episode of The Financial Coaches Podcast, Cody welcomes in Organic Marketing Mentor, Amy Hager, to talk about the different marketing personalities and the psychology behind your messaging as well. If you’ve ever seen marketing as the “Boogie-Man under your bed” then this episode is for you, so that you can flip the script and start LOVING marketing.


Marketing The Invisible with Amy Hager

Do you want to create content that magnetizes your message and simplifies your marketing? You’ll end up exhausting yourself if you just try to do and be more, especially if you’re not working with the right marketing strategy. To maximize your potential, magnetize your message, and gain continuous sales without stress, it is crucial to first energetically align yourself with your marketing. Grab a drink and sit in with Amy as she talks about the psychology of selling so that you can align your marketing with your energy and your message! She shares how you can become more visible online and turn your engagement into sales without being or doing more


Practical Joy: Unleashing Your Vibrational Power for Business and Life with M. Shannon Hernandez

In this episode of the Crown Yourself podcast, host Kimberly Spencer interviews M.Shannon Hernandez, known as the “Queen of Organic Marketing.” Shannon shares her journey of growing her business through organic marketing strategies and emphasizes the importance of joy in business and life. They discuss Shannon’s book, Practical Joy, which offers insights and exercises for finding joy in everyday life. They also explore topics such as vibration, aligning with values, simplifying marketing strategies, and the importance of authenticity and value in attracting clients. Shannon concludes by sharing her four-step joy-fueled organic marketing framework and encourages listeners to prioritize joy in their interactions.


Unlocking Business Growth Without Losing Your Joy

What’s the secret to scaling your business without losing your joy or creating a business that ultimately feels like a grind? In this insightful interview, Jason Van Orden and I go deep! I share my journey towards building a seven-figure business while maintaining a joyful and balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re an entrepreneur on the brink of scaling or a seasoned business owner feeling the grind, this discussion is packed with actionable advice and unique insights that can transform the way you approach business growth.


The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur Podcast: (Re)Activating Joy in Your Business

Get ready to reignite the joy in your business! It’s time to connect with your soul’s desires and tap into your heart space. Experience a transformational journey to rediscover the joy and purpose in your business. In this episode, Sharon and Shannon dive into getting back to a place of JOY in your business, simplifying EVERYTHING in marketing, and exploring the power of mission-driven marketing and why it is CRUCIAL for your business, now more than ever.


The Practical Wealth Podcast – The Power of Organic Marketing to Increase Business Cashflow

In this episode, Curtis May interviews M. Shannon Hernandez, founder of Joyful Business Revolution™. Shannon highlights the importance of organic and email marketing for business growth, noting that businesses often make the mistake of focusing too much on social media marketing instead of growing their email list. She emphasizes that email marketing should be a priority for businesses and suggests creating themed marketing campaigns to solve customer problems. To drive growth and engagement, she recommends tracking success through booked appointments and new clients.


Connected: The Sales + Leadership Show

How can you cultivate more JOY into your life and your business? Can you really do that AND have a thriving business? Join Shannon as she spills ALL THE JOY with Phil Gerbyshak


How to Fuel Your Marketing with a Little Joy

Are you doing all the right things, but not generating leads or making sales? Maybe it’s time to step back and rethink what you’re doing? In this episode of the Success Funnel podcast, I talk with Pat Hammond about two tried-and-true techniques for creating the right content to reach the right audience on the right channels.


America’s #1 Small Biz Expert Talks Joyful Marketing with M. Shannon Hernandez

Tune is as America’s #1 Small Biz Lady, Melinda Emerson, and Shannon discuss marketing solutions that are THE MOST sustainable for small business owners and why EMAIL MARKETING is a must for anyone in business. This candid discussion will be sure to inspire you!


How to Infuse More Joy Into Your Marketing

In this interview, Shannon shares her simple process for creating a mission-driven marketing strategy that is OOZING with joy. Joy for you, joy for your audience, and joy for your new clients who WANT to work with you! The energy of your marketing matters, and Shannon & Joy dive in to talk about it all!


Accelerate W/ Matt Stone – Shannon Hernandez’s Big Leap Story

“Meet Shannon Hernandez — founder of Joyful Business Revolution and Business Growth Strategist for coaches and consultants. In this long-form video version of the daily Accelerate w/ Matt Stone Podcast, you’ll hear Shannon’s big leap story from public school teacher to thriving entrepreneur. She shares the about the pivotal moment when she knew it was time to leap, and the strategies and support she used to navigate her way to the purpose-drive and profitable business of her dreams. For anyone considering a big leap, this is a conversation not to be missed!”


Get Rich Without Being a Bitch

“Joy is a baseline of you deciding how you’re going to live.”

Most people mistakenly believe that happiness and joy are the same things. While both are associated with positive experiences, happiness is an emotion whereas joy is how you choose to structure your life. To begin finding joy, I believe that we must use our values to drive our decisions. When we are making choices that coincide with our beliefs, we will be more joyous and successful in everything we do. 

Tune into this episode of Get Rich Without Being a Bitch with Vanessa Shaw to learn the importance of determining your values, implementing daily practices of joy, and building a business that gives back so you can find joy in every aspect of your life.


The Story Engine Podcast

Join Kyle Gray and me as we connect and chat about the different Content Personality™️ types.

      …did you know that there are actually 5 Content Personality™️ types?
      …or that you may be using the WRONG type of content for your personality?

Dive in to get clear on your Content Personality™️ – and find out what happens when you stay in your dominant Content Personality™️ to grow your business. (hint: your marketing becomes MAGNETIC).

Listen now & get aligned with your Content Personality™️.


Visionary CEO Academy

Do you believe your personal brand is holding you back from scaling your online consulting or coaching business? I’m joining Breanne and Jill to bust that myth! We discuss some of the common underlying fears that may be holding you back and what really drives customers to buy from you (guess what, it’s not your personal brand!).

On this episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast, find out how you can scale your personal brand while delivering results people will gladly invest in.


Seven-Figure Consultant Podcast

We get told all the way through school that we need to knuckle down and work hard. That narrative stays with us, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if we have this rule that says if something is enjoyable, that’s a hobby or not a ‘real’ business but if something makes money, that involves hard work. 

And yet, when you run your own business, you are choosing what that looks like. You decide what your services are, who your clients are, what hours you work, how you make sales. 

Amy and I joined Jessica Fearnley on the Seven Figure Consultants Podcast to discuss building joy into your business. Listen in to our podcast episode where we talk about:

  1. How we often think our business needs to be hard work
  2. Shifting your business model to create time, money and energy
  3. Why we don’t allow ourselves joy and how to start bringing it into your business
  4. What you’re doing with your time outside your business
  5. What joy is


Ethical Leaders Live

Do Millionaires need a Mission?! Where does all of their money go? Join host Dana Magnus and I as we talk about joyfully creating an impact-making marketing and business growth strategy.  WATCH HERE

Live Reel Talk w/ Nina Froriep

Nina Froriep and M. Shannon Hernandez discuss how letting joy lead your marketing strategy is the best thing you can do for your life AND your business.  How much does joy influence your business strategy? WATCH HERE

Building a Profitable Business

Having a business can be tough as it is, so why get stuck with marketing that does not spark joy? In this episode, Juliet Clark and I discuss how to market and sell from a place of joy first and build a profitable business. I’m also sharing some tips to implement my Joyful Marketing methodology in your content and more. Joy is contagious. Add that to your marketing, and you’re likely to get the engagements you’re looking for.LISTEN HERE

Marketing for Consultants Podcast

Marketing isn’t often thought of as a joyful activity – in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite, being thought of as stressful,  ineffective, or even worse in the minds of some consultants. In this episode, Alastair McDermott and I discuss how to approach marketing in a joyful way that makes it less of a chore. We also discuss why consultants don’t love their business, and what you can do about it. LISTEN HERE

Build Live Give Podcast

Is there such a thing as joyful marketing? For those of you who find the whole ordeal incredibly frustrating, the phrase can sound like an oxymoron. But by the end of this episode of the Build Live Give Podcast with Paul Higgins, I will have you thinking otherwise.  I help people put joy in their marketing. Yes, marketing can be enjoyable when done right. Still skeptical? Join in and let the ultimate joyful marketer change your mind and your whole relationship with marketing forever.


Promote, Profit, Publish

Having a business can be tough as it is, so why get stuck with marketing that doesn’t spark joy? In this podcast episode of Promote, Profit, Publish with Juliet Clark, I’m teaching how to market and sell from a place of joy first and build a profitable business. I’ll share how you can experience more joy in your marketing, as well as some tips to implement in your content. Joy is contagious. Add that to your marketing, and you’re likely to get the engagement and revenue you’re looking for.


Do Good & Make Money Summit

What kind of lead gen works for coaches and consultants? I recently spoke on the Do Good and Make Money Summit and we explored this topic from many different angles. Join the enlightening conversation —and make sure you have pen and paper to take notes. Lots of diamonds here among 4 experts geeking out on marketing.


Brand Tuned w/ Shireen Smith

I am all about that joy in marketing, business, and life and that’s what we’re discussing on the Brand Tuned Podcast with Shireen Smith. Listen in while we talk about finding marketing that’s joyful for you.


Get Your Book Done Podcast

I am so excited to share this interview with you that I had with Christine Kloser on her Get Your Book Done Podcast. The episode is called “Joyful Author Marketing.”

If you’re thinking of writing a book, are writing one now, or are already published, I highly encourage you to tune in for information and inspiration to propel you forward on your author journey.


The Blog Biz Podcast

In this episode, Adriane is joined by M. Shannon Hernandez who says, “if it ain’t joyful, we ain’t doing that shit!” She discusses how you can create a joyful business with your blog by focusing on doing the things you love and feel aligned with.

Grow Disrupt

Shannon attended the Grow2020 Retreat in January of this year, and her knowledge of business marketing, understanding of what brings joy in business, and extreme business growth this year prompted Stephanie to reach out for an interview. Shannon’s business has nearly doubled this year, against all odds and in the face of a struggle that most people weren’t dealing with atop the pandemic of 2020. And she’s sharing some of what she did to grow against the odds.

Game On! w/ Jean Berry

Join me for an upbeat discussion with M. Shannon Hernandez about joy in life, biz, and marketing. We’ll explore how scaling joy is a gamechanger for you life AND biz.

Feminist Visionaries w/ Meaghann Lamm

In this episode of Feminist Visionaries, Meaghan Lamm interviews the Joyful Marketing strategist, M. Shannon Hernandez, to talk about how women go about marketing that not only gets them their desired results but, first and foremost, makes them happy. They discuss what it looks like to enjoy marketing yourself, how to identify what brings you joy, and how to market yourself after a business pivot. Join Shannon and Meaghan in this conversation to get the answers as well as learn what holds women back from implementing a marketing strategy and how to overcome it.

The Entrepreneur Unleashed

I’m excited to share my interview on The Entrepreneur Unleashed Show with Patti Keating! During our chat, we talked about my journey as an entrepreneur and what it takes to make it, from my own personal growth to the tools and gadgets I use to make life easy. If you are ready to be inspired to design life on your own terms, then you won’t want to miss this show!

Finding Joy in Marketing & Life

What’s joy in business, joy in marketing, and joy in life have to do with the #JoyFirst Methodology I am known for around the world? Oh baby, you are gonna want to listen to this one!

The Dames Featurette

In this Dames Featurette, Meghann Conter, the Founder of The Dames interviews M. Shannon Hernandez. In this interview, you’ll learn about her mission, what she does to keep the FUN in business, her top 3 milestones in business that have brought her to where she is today, 3 lessons she learned growing her company, and other important life and business lessons!

Amplify Content Podcast

M. Shannon Hernandez, Joyful Marketing Strategist, shares tips and tricks to build an engaged Facebook group that converts to sales for online courses and coaching. Ca-ching! Your bank account will thank you for tuning in.

High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Strategy and Growth

It was an honor to speak with Extus Justin about what it takes to build a coaching and consulting business in today’s online marketplace. We touched on marketing and selling best practices, what’s working and what’s not, and how singular shifts in thinking and strategy can yield big results.

Get Booked and Paid to Speak with Karen Donaldson

In this exclusive interview, I share the strategy I use for speaking–the sponsorship model. In an online world where many people are “poo-pooing” the paid to speak model, I am making 5 figures PLUS every time I show up and serve from the stage. Tune in to hear more!

The Joy Evolution Summit hosted by Tina van Leuven

Join this delicious conversation to discover…
  1. The Joy|Money Connection and how to activate it.
  2. ​​​​How to create alignment with the work you’re doing to bring you ultimate joy 𝘢𝘯𝘥 ultimate money.
  3. Two super juicy and very practical tips that will help you bring more joy into your life for years to come.
  4.  and lots more…

Divine Feminine Leaders

This episode is for the female entrepreneur who thinks that she has the most amazing program, podcast or retreat and is wondering why people aren’t flocking to sign up.
If you’re tired of working long hours and following all of what you “should” be doing, listen in, take notes and get excited about how fun your business can be!

Love People + Make Money

Kelly McCausey was a true pleasure to talk with – I think you will feel that vibe in the show – we could have talked for hours. We talked all things content and marketing and how loving on people has grown my business beyond belief.
Are you profiting from your platform?

The ProfitLevers Show

In today’s Show, I have M.Shannon Hernandez joining me. Today’s show will have two main themes – ‘Women and Wealth’ and ‘Joyful Marketing’, and we’ll be talking about how those two concepts correlate. We’ll also be talking ‘Profit First’ and how the implementation of it into Shannon’s business has helped her to remain in control of her money as the business has scaled.
In this episode:
  1. How to feel like you ‘deserve’ the money you want to earn
  2. How to reframe the conversation about wealth – and what is ‘wealth’, anyway?
  3. Why the route to ‘wealth success’ is rarely popular, and how to change this.
  4. How to embrace the concept of ‘Joyful Marketing’
  5. Understanding your ‘Content Personality’ and why this is important for your visibility

Anti-Hustle Nation

This week I chat with M. Shannon Hernandez, founder of The Confident Expert Program and creator of the Content Personality Wheel. We discuss the importance of living your lifestyle values so you can have more joy & money, how to use your personality for success and more.


Authors, Creators & Visionaries

Joy First. Then the Money Follows. 

In this episode we discussed:

• The mindset shift to the notion that selling is serving (let that sink in)
• The reason people aren’t profitable is, they don’t have a grasp on their message
• There is a way to get a grasp on that message (which Shannon speaks to)
• A new way to think about selling: enrolling people into an idea (and then delivering on it!)
• How Shannon’s “Joy First, Then Money” philosophy allows her to choose joy every single day (and make a shit-ton of money while doing it)


Domino Thinking

Creating the Life You Love with M. Shannon Hernandez

I love having guests who call a spade a spade. I have huge respect for people who go through life that way. M. Shannon Hernandez is just that person.

  • How do you create a life you love?
  • What happens when you get stuck?
  • Do we ever get to the point where we are satisfied?
  • What happens when people reject your new normal?
  • How do you give up a dream?
  • Can you change your mind without being flakey?
  • What if nothing is wrong?


The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Create Marketing Content Within Your Unique Content Personality to Attract More Clients

What makes you happy about marketing your business? In this Episode of the Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show, we feature Shannon Hernandez of M. Shannon Hernandez Consulting who shares the power of knowing your “content personality” when choosing marketing strategies to grow your business. Knowing what style or way of marketing you’re most effective with can be discovered through her simple (less than 5 minute) content personality wheel quiz which reveals your top 2 preferred methods of delivery.

She also explains how to use your independent marketing personality and blend your top two marketing personalities to create a marketing strategy to build your business the way you want to build it.


Thought Leaders Business Lab with Samantha Riley

How To Align Your Marketing With Joy with Shannon Hernandez

Content is King, however it can be a minefield when trying to “do it all”. A fail-proof content marketing strategy for you and your business should be in place to ensure you’re putting yourself in the best position to execute and implement.

Today on the Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast, Sam talks to M. Shannon Hernandez, a content marketing strategy expert, on how to market yourself effectively as a thought leader, entrepreneur or business owner.
Shannon introduces us to the tools she uses in her business; the Content Personality Wheel and the Joy-Money Matrix.

There are 5 spokes to the Content Personality Wheel, and when you discover what your content personality is, you will be able to produce content in your most natural way of producing and consuming content. When you’re aware of your content personality type, you’ll be able to consistently publish content that brings you joy and money.

As Thought Leaders, it’s important to recognize our purpose, mission, and vision to arrive at unique methodologies to market ourselves most effectively.


Leveraged & Loving it with Renée Hasseldine

Are you tired of marketing that doesn’t go anywhere? Do you feel like you have gurus shouting at you that there is one great way to market your business, but it doesn’t seem to work for you?

M. Shannon Hernandez is the creator of the Content Personality™ Wheel, a tool that helps you identify where your content marketing strengths are so that you can leverage them.

In this episode, we discuss:
• Why she left teaching to start her own business
• Why story marketing works so well
• How to turn cold calls into warm calls
• The power of using Facebook messenger for relationship building
• How to not be spammy when marketing
• How to get more engagement in your Facebook group
• What the content personality wheel is (and how to use it)
• How to find out what marketing style suits you
• Tips for effective content marketing
• Thought leader marketing strategy


BrainTap Business Journal

Shannon is a renowned content marketing expert. She teaches entrepreneurs to build their brand by sharing their own stories–and then shows them how to market those stories in ways that reflect their business’s core purpose. T’s far easier than you think! Shannon created the Content Personality Wheel™, an online assessment that allows companies to define their employees’ current marketing abilities and utilize those strengths in ways that best suit them and the business.


Nomad Me Podcast

Figure out how to best show up in your marketing. Play to your strengths and use your Content Personality™ to make your marketing joyful. Listen in as we take you on a deep dive into determining your Thought Leader purpose and mission—and using them to guide your business growth.


A Candid Discussion About Facebook Group Engagement

An interview hosted by Josh Stanton, CoFounder of Screw the Nine to Five. Growing a Facebook Community is not for the faint of heart. Are you willing to show up, lead, engage, and serve your peeps? Shannon discusses her unique take on what it takes to really build an engaged and supportive online community.


The Courage to Jump from Employee to Entrepreneur

Millions of people dream of ditching their corporate or organizational job to start their own business. Hundreds of thousands of people do it each year, few of them are successful. M. Shannon Hernandez shares the strategies on how she gave up a 15-year career as a teacher and quickly turned her business into a profitable, global brand.


B is for Brilliant – M. Shannon Hernandez

In this episode of B is for Brilliant, Shannon joins me to talk about her passion for Content and Content Strategy.  She challenges the status quo definition of content – it’s way more than your blog post people!  We talk about why she believes creating content should be joyful, and how story-telling is such a cool way to marketing yourself and your business. And we throw in a discussion about schedules and days off too.  Because Shannon is really clear about the kind of lifestyle she wants and has designed her business to support it!


The Power of Marketing with Stories in Your Business

You know you should have a content marketing strategy right? But when it comes to developing content, how do you know which is the right medium for you? Discover the three things you can do right now to write content that connects and builds community.


Why you need to share authentic stories to do your best work

If you feel drowned in marketing, blogging, and social media, return to your story. Stories are the starting block for connecting to one another – whether it’s a friend on the playground or a dream client in a meeting. This is exactly Shannon’s focus when supporting leaders who want to create thriving businesses.


Relationships First and Raising Standards

If you feel drowned in marketing, blogging, and social media, return to your story. Stories are the starting block for connecting to one another – whether it’s a friend on the playground or a dream client in a meeting. This is exactly Shannon’s focus when supporting leaders who want to create thriving businesses.


How Judging Your Superpowers Interferes with Your Ability to Use Them

In this candid conversation, Shannon talks about the journey of leaving the security of what she knew well, to venture out on her own to create true time and freedom. Part of this process was identifying that things she was either judged for, judged herself for, or was told that it would never work, were actually her superpowers that surpassed what she thought she could create in such a short amount of time.


Having Total Spousal Support While Building a Business with Shannon and Michael Hernandez

What would you tell someone who was building a business and their spouse just flat-out did not support their endeavors? How do you build a marriage and build a business without either one imploding? How do you honor all of you in your business and in your marriage without losing yourself in the process? If you have ever wondered how to grow our business without growing apart from your spouse or partner, listen to how this couple – who are vastly different from each other make it work.


Storytelling That Sells

This lady is absolutely badass and you are going to love her and the content that she is going to share. She is no-nonsense. No BS. No sugarcoating. If you are watching this because you want someone to rub your ego or make you feel good, click out now because this is not for you. We are all about giving you verbal results and that was one of the reasons I transitioned to the SHE TV platform. It was actually becuse of Shannon. I actually discovered my content personality which is video.


When Your Success Creates Anger

I spoke with M. Shannon Hernandez about her recent run-in with some haters. She talked about how to overcome. We also talked about the importance of outsourcing and some of the realities that come with building and running a successful online business.


Robyn Bennett of Women Entrepreneur Series

During my interview with M Shannon Hernandez she shared with us the 5 different ways to share content and how you can discover which one you are naturally good at! We also had a candid discussion about growing your business, organically, from the inside out.