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If you keep hitting revenue or income ceilings in your business, this is the show for you. We are going deep in Season 6 with all you need to know about growing with our EXPAND™ Method. 

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Here are two takeaways from Season 6 Episode 1:

  1. It really sucks to be in feast or famine mode.

Service based business owners know this feeling. It’s the feeling of, “Oh no, my program’s ending. I need to market, market, and market.” Then you get the clients and you’re fulfilling the client delivery, which is fantastic because they paid you and they deserve the best from you. But then, at some point, you inevitably forget to market or realize your marketing isn’t working on your behalf.


  1. Figure out your bottlenecks

Evaluate how you’re executing. Are you taking on tasks that drain your energy? If so, it’s time to delegate. Focus your highest energy on knowing your mission, your brand, and your clients. 


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