In this episode, Shannon is joined by Content Marketing Specialist and good friend Tai Goodwin, for a conversation on how to effectively use quizzes to generate quality leads.

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Today’s Guest – Tai Goodwin:

Tai Goodwin is an award-winning instructional designer, author, speaker and marketing strategist. CEO of That Marketing Team, she’s a former teacher turned entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience marketing online.

After helping hundreds of entrepreneurs leverage social media and online marketing as a coach, she stepped into the agency world to literally take marketing tasks off the plates of her clients. Tai launched That Marketing Team to support busy CEOs and business owners who are tired of trying to run their company and do all the marketing by themselves.


Here are two takeaways from Season 5 Episode 8:

  1. Don’t publish boring sh*t.

    Make sure your content showcases your personality and your unique flavor. Serve people content that matters!  
  1. Quizzes can help you segment your audience.

If you set up your quizzes correctly, you will filter out the wrong people–which is exactly what you want! Use your quizzes to find out who your people are and what they want that you can provide. 

Resources from this episode: 

    • Check out Tai’s 151 Quiz Ideas by going to The 151 Quiz Ideas is a list where you can find the perfect lead magnet idea. You can use it to add thousands of subscribers to your email list. This is for course creators, authors, SaaS and eCommerce brands.