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Goal setting is a crucial skill for every Visionary CEO Leader. You need to be able to think big and set big, hairy, audacious goals for yourself and your team to achieve the level of success you desire. 

Simply put, the money flows when the vision is clear and compelling. Let’s dive in today!

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Here are two takeaways from Season 6 Episode 3:

  1. The small steps are important when you have big goals.

Our Vivid Vision includes taking Content Creation on Location to cities around the world–including Greece! Our first event is in Miami–a small goal to help us achieve our bigger Vivid Vision. How do we get to Greece? The same way we approach everything else: partnership and collaboration and focusing on utilizing the relationships of people who know, like, and trust us–and want to host us in their city/country. 


  1. Focus your energy on your strengths.

A big part of saying in your Visionary CEO lane is doing ONLY the things that do not drain your energy. You may be good at sales, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the person that should be doing it for your business. Build your dream team and work collaboratively with them to EXPAND beyond what you ever thought possible. 


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