What’s your
Content Personality?

We help coaches and consultants grow a joyful and profitable business they love--where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

We have a mantra around these parts:

"If it ain't joyful, we ain't doing that shit!"

Most coaches and consultants get to a place where they want to grow and expand their business, but the fear of burnout is real.

If you’re looking to expand, you’ve most likely been asking yourself one of these questions:

  • What’s my next best strategic move for expanding the business–without it taking more of my time and energy?
  • How can I stay in alignment and flow while I grow? 
  • What business model will serve my lifestyle best as I evolve and expand?

Sound like the convos happening in your heart and head?
No worries–we can help!

What is aContent Personality?

Each content personality is an archetype for content marketing that helps creators align with their perfect content type.

When your content marketing is out of alignment, you do not show up in your full brilliance. Marketing that makes you feel miserable–and sucks your energy dry–actually filters out your brilliant, authentic self. When things are hard and not fun, you don’t want to do them.

But when you’re aligned with your Content Personality™ in your business? Hold on! That’s where the joy, ideal clients, and money you desire flow into your business–without the hustle and burnout!


Your IMAGES connect and convert.


Your VOICE connects & converts.


Your WORDS connect and convert.


Your PRESENCE connects & converts.


Your ENTHUSIASM connects and converts.

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