In today’s episode, we’re going to dive deeper into the Live/In Person Content Personality® type. If you’re not sure what on earth a Content Personality® is, go back and listen to Episode 1 real quick

When you take the Content Personality® Quiz, you’ll discover that you align with one Content Personality®…not all five. So if you’ve been trying to do video (but dread it), or trying to author a book (but you’d rather pull your hair out), you’re likely NOT that Content Personality®.

Often, we may think that our Content Personality® type is one thing when it’s actually another – take Shannon’s journey. She had built a wildly successful copywriting business, but it wasn’t sparking JOY. When she finally took the Content Personality® Quiz, she discovered that she was actually a Live/In Person Content Personality® type…not written.


This was a HUGE discovery because your Content Personality® has to do with the type of energy that you show up with – it’s how your energy comes across in your content. And it’s likely why you feel aligned with certain types of apps, platforms, and content types.  

For someone with a Live/In Person Content Personality® type, they’ll feel most comfortable showing up by hosting retreats, workshops, books signings, networking groups, speaking on stages, and more. Live/In Person people thrive in these environments. 

If you scored as a Live/In Person Content Personality®, consider the different ways that you can get face-to-face with people and interact in a live environment. 

Time Stamps

0:35 What is a Content Personality®?

2:33 The Revelation

4:47 The Power of Email Marketing

6:18 How a Live/In Person Content Personality® Shows Up

8:37 Where to Show Up

11:41 How to Sell as a Live/In Person Content Personality®