In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the birth of the Content Personality® Wheel. 

It’s not surprising that so many coaches and consultants struggle with marketing when you realize that there are over 1 million ways to market your business. That is why we created the Content Personality® Wheel – to help you determine the best way to market your business. v

We discovered that there are 5 different Content Personality® types: video, audio, written, live/in person, and visual. And here’s the good news – you can easily discover your Content Personality® in as little as three minutes.


But how did we create the Content Personality® Wheel? Well, back in 2015, I met with a lovely coach named Janet. She had been told that she needed to write a book…except she didn’t want to (sound familiar?). I realized that so many coaches and consultants have been coached to create video – or graphics – or a podcast…and the thought of creating that content literally brings them to tears. 

So why do we keep trying to force ourselves to do the things that are counterintuitive? We realized that we shouldn’t have to…and the Content Personality® Quiz was born. We had Janet take the quiz, and (not surprisingly) she discovered that she was an audio content personality. No wonder she didn’t want to write the book! Fast forward to Janet creating voice memos on her phone – to the tune of an entire manuscript. She’s now a published author, global speaker, and has a fully booked out coaching business. 

Ask yourself – what would happen if you just focused on your unique Content Personality® instead of trying to be everything to everyone?

When you align your natural energy – your natural way of communicating with your marketing, it’s almost like magic.