What are your clients really buying from you? 


Is it coaching? Transformation? An experience?


Two years ago I asked myself this very question–and the results may just surprise you. My ideal clients don’t buy marketing strategy. Or sales strategy. Or business expansion strategy. 


GASP. {I know…it’s shocking!} 


My ideal clients:

  • Buy PERMISSION to do marketing their own way. 
  • Buy CONFIDENCE to show up exactly who they already are. 
  • Buy a foundation of JOY–so they can continue creating a lifestyle and business that brings them more of that.


When I realized that THESE are the things my ideal clients wanted, my brand became REMARKABLE. My messaging irresistible. My marketing memorable. My business profitable. My programs desired.  


Here’s the thing: People all over the globe sell strategy. 



  • None of them sell permission, confidence, and joy. 
  • None of them sell the experience of working with an expert and community who ALL prioritize permission, confidence, and joy before strategy. 
  • None of them sell my unique methodologies rooted in the #JoyFirst philosophy. 


My clients get REMARKABLE RESULTS–and they will tell you they bought from me because:  


They wanted increased confidence, permission to do marketing their own way, and joy threaded through all of life and biz. 


Pretty REMARKABLE, huh? 


So – your turn! What are your clients really buying from you? 


If you can’t answer this (beyond coaching/consulting/programs/retreats), let’s chat. 


I’m here to help you become even MORE REMARKABLE than you already are. <3 





Our mission is to help coaches and consultants design a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

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