Many moons ago I realized that the more money I make, the more impact I can create.    

Your business can make huge ripples in the world! I’ve built my business based around my highest lifestyle values, and that’s why we partnered with The Joy Collective years ago.

This organization helps widows and children in Uganda learn sustainable organic farming to not only feed themselves, but to also create an income and livelihood. They also offer housing, healthcare, and education initiatives within the community. 

Each month, we provide sacks of charcoal (the cleanest and safest cooking fuel option in rural Uganda) to elderly widows and their often-times large families of orphaned and/or abandoned grandchildren. The difference this makes in the health of women who spend so much of their time cooking is HUGE! 

My clients often ask me how they can “formalize” their giveback process, so they too can fund causes they love. 

My intent is to share with you, so that you can deepen your mission and vision around giving back with the revenue you are generating in your business. 

These questions will help you develop a “give-back” framework:

  • How are you using your business to give back and create ripples in the world? 
  • How do you determine what causes you want to fund?
  • How do you allocate money and when do you make the contribution? 

Our monthly donations help women and their children learn to plant sack gardens. We provide sacks, seeds, soil and permaculture education. These gardens have been a huge success and  keep their bellies full! 

Remember, what you nurture and cultivate will grow. 

What a gift it is to use your business to BE THE HERO and give back to others!  How are you using your revenue to make a difference in the lives of others? 


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