If you’re anything like me, the word “boring” doesn’t sit well. It has a negative connotation and makes us think of things that are mundane, uninteresting, and not worth our time.


But what if we changed the way we looked at boring? What if we saw it as something reliable, trustworthy, and safe? 


In other words, what if we saw boring as something that actually works?

The Boring Business Model

When it comes to business, boring is a sign that things are working. And more importantly, they’re not to be messed with. Transitioning into a Boring Business Model means you’ve found a profitable and sustainable formula, and it’s your job to stick to it.


So let’s dissect this piece by piece, shall we?



Your business model is intelligent in design. You have a client attract strategy that consistently brings clients to your coaching or consulting offer. And you LOVE how you work with your clients—whether 1:1, group programs, retreats, or virtual events. 



There are no surprises in your business. You do not have to worry about money. You do not have to “recover” from weird sh*t that screws things up. You do not need to work more than a few days a week (which leaves you LOTS of time to get un-bored by traveling, pursuing your passion projects, and trying out some new hobbies).  



You actually run a profitable business that provides for all your needs and desires. Read: You do not run an expensive hobby.


How I Created My Brilliantly Boring Business

Many moons ago, I decided I would not be Wal-Mart or Costco.


In fact, I took this philosophy a step further and decided that I would never be able to compete with other business strategy coaches on price, nor would I make our clients choose how they wanted to work with me based on price. Hello, kind marketing and selling!


In practice, this is what it looks like for clients who want to work directly with me. The investment is $2,500:


  • $2,500 x 1 for the Signature Method Program
  • $2,500 x 2 for a VIP Vacation in NJ
  • $2,500 x 6 for 1:1 Business Strategy Consulting
  • $2,500 x 12 for The Joyful CEO™ Program


Do you see the KINDNESS we extend to our clients?


They never have to negotiate or decide upon the monthly price of something to get the help they need. We offer various investment levels based upon the duration they would like to work with me and how they learn best.


Here’s what we know: The VALUE our clients get from working with us far exceeds the price they invest with us.


How can we have “soooo many” offers? We get this question a lot. Well, my friend, it comes down to our Signature Method.


We are teaching THE SAME THING, at different durations and depths, in each of the above offers. I’m not recreating the wheel. I’m not starting from scratch for each client. Nor am I developing a new curriculum.


We’ve got ONE SIGNATURE METHOD that can be used in many different ways–based on our clients’ needs!


This is what a Brilliantly Boring Business Model looks like. It’s consistent. It’s easy to follow. It meets the needs of our clients in the exact way they want to be served, and it provides us with the financial stability and free time we need to live our best lives.


And if you need help with making your business boring in the most brilliant way, I’ve got you covered. Click here to schedule a Strategy Call with Amy, and we’ll map out a BORING (but profitable) game plan for your business. During your personalized Business Growth Strategy Call, we’ll… 

  1. Take a look at your marketing, sales, and client delivery systems to see what is and is not working. 
  2. Review your niche, offer, and pricing to identify what’s possible for you in the next 90 days (and beyond!).
  3. Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your growth and holding you back from expanding.