I’ve struggled for years with getting “bored” in my business.

My brain was trained from a very early age that if things were calm, something was wrong.

In other words, I was taught that life is innately chaotic and broken and therefore needs to be fixed. This kept my nervous system on high alert and in overdrive for 35 years.

Over the last couple of weeks, I went hiking the beautiful Swiss Alps. The views were breathtaking, and the solitude was much needed for deep contemplation. During long treks such as these, I like to hike with a question. While I was mesmerized by the calmness of my surroundings, I pondered the following:


If everything is working in the business, and you are once again bored, what is yours to do now?


The revelations that came while listening to the glacial winds and soft chimes of cow bells were astounding. I left Switzerland with new ideas to innovate (not create) and new initiatives to improve (again, not create—notice a pattern here?).


When you’re constantly creating in your business—which, let’s be honest, happens mainly because you are bored)—you have a fun tendency to screw up what is working. I am quite embarrassed to admit that I’ve screwed up this business more times than I can actually count.


What screwed it up? I got bored.


My team and I know this can be detrimental to this brand if we are not careful. We’re painfully aware that I have a tendency to screw up our Brilliantly Boring Business with new creations that break what’s already working.


Can you relate? What comes to your mind when I say, “Let’s develop YOUR Brilliantly Boring Business?”


Sometimes, people rebel against the word boring. I get it; I had to do work around that word too. But can we “go there” for a moment?


Because boredom is not bad, especially when it comes to your Brilliantly Boring Business.


Think of getting on an airplane. We’re not looking for excitement or interest when we buckle up our seatbelts. We want the flight to be on time, the plane to go up AND come down in the most boring of ways, and no disruption of turbulence or alarming sounds within the plane that may alert us that something is wrong.


What we want most is a boring flight.


So I’m advocating that BORING IS THE NEW BRILLIANT—especially if you want your business model to be effective. Imagine having:


  • A BORING client attraction strategy that brings in qualified leads consistently?
  • A BORING messaging and communication plan that converts your raving fans to paid clients?
  • A BORING bank balance that you rarely have to check?


In other words, when things get BORING in your business, it means they’re working. They are reliable, trustworthy, and safe. You do the same practical and profitable things over and over again because they work.


So let’s redefine and make friends with the word boring. It might just be the most brilliant thing you do for your business.


And if you need help with making your business boring in the most brilliant way, I’ve got you covered. Click here to schedule a Strategy Call with Amy, and we’ll map out a BORING (but profitable) game plan for your business. 


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