As a joyful business growth strategist, it’s such an honor to get asked questions from fellow coaches and consultants about where their focus should be, as they grow their businesses. We can all chase lots of shiny squirrels–if we aren’t careful! 

Lack of aligned and intentional focus when building a coaching and consulting practice results in exhaustion, low revenue, and frustration. 

We’ve all been here–and if you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, know this: With just a few strategic tweaks and a load of clarity, you can turn things around rather quickly! 

I was recently asked: Where should my focus be if I am making less than $10k/month as a coach and consultant? 

My Answer:

If you are currently making less than $10k/month revenue, you have one job: get sales calls on your calendar. Your aim should be 8-10 calls/week with a 40%+ conversion from call to client. (So 10 calls yield 4 new clients).

Now, this ONE THING TO DO, goes back to marketing and messaging. You are going to need specific, pointed, relevant content that has qualified leads raising their hand and saying “yes”!

When I was getting my start at building my consulting practice, here’s what my marketing activities looked like: 

  • Monthly training each month on a new topic – I had to test and see what resonated. (Phone platform back then -telebridge – so thankful for Zoom!)
  • Direct offer emails with a link to book a call.
  • Direct offer posts on my personal Facebook page with a call to action to message me (I didn’t have a Facebook group yet.)
  • Monthly Q&A call so peeps could ask questions about my coaching/programs.
  • 20 minute strategy sessions to help them solve one problem. Then I booked a follow up sales call to take them to the next level of support.
  • Creating my List of 25. This is something I teach exclusively called Invitation Selling in The Confident Expert Program. It works! 


This is what is required to get your revenue to at least $10k/month–and create a 6 figure (and beyond) business that loves you!  

And this can’t be done living behind your computer, posting memes and weak engagement questions on your profile. (While these are important for other parts of business building, they WILL NOT lead to sales calls and more revenue.)

Here’s what many people won’t tell you (especially the guru marketers): A lot of marketing is trial and error of the above activities until you find the method, messaging, and content that works for YOU.

Please don’t fall for “proven” systems, paid advertising, cold outreach (aka spamming people in messenger), magic pills or any of the other stuff that is touted as the solution for growing your business. 

NEWSFLASH: Great marketing is all trial and error baby! Have fun with it. Get creative. Work with someone who understands organic business growth–the joyful way–and will support you through the normal ups and downs of growing an online business.

Looking for a community to love you and support you as you expand your coaching and consulting business? 


If so, I’m here to be a resource and help you think through the joyful strategy, tactics, and mindset required to build the business of your dreams! The first step is to take an honest assessment of your business structure as it stands now. I’ve created the Joyful Marketing Quiz with you in mind. My intention with this resource is to show you how things can flow better for you and your business, with just a few key tweaks!  



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