Editor’s note: This 9 part series is specifically designed for coaches, consultants, strategists, and service-based business owners who are in the scaling phase of their business. The JoyFueled™ Journey success path graphic will serve as your visual anchor and teaching tool for this content series. The EXPAND™ Method is our unique process we use to help our clients expand their already-working-business without burning out or imploding. All 9 parts of this series are linked at the end of this post.

The Problem With Small Goals

Goal-setting is a crucial skill for every leader. You need to be able to think big and set audacious goals for yourself and your team to achieve the level of success you desire.

If you’ve landed on this post, I can bet that you’re a natural visionary leader with many big ideas. So big that sometimes they feel impossible.

When faced with goal-overwhelm, most people follow the traditional advice of breaking down their big goals into smaller, more manageable milestones. While this may work for some tasks, in my experience, every successful visionary leader needs a Vivid Vision to keep the momentum going—and the money flowing.

A while back, I was doing some money mindset work that asked me to complete the statement: Having less money than I want tells me ____.

My stream-of-conscious-completed-statement read: Having less money than I want tells me that the vision isn’t clear. 

This was a huge revelation for me as a CEO and leader in my own personal development. It confirmed everything I sorta believed. Simply put, the money flows when the vision is clear AND compelling. 

Why? Because small goals do not inspire true Visionary Leaders. We get bored with them. We need a Vivid Vision that sets our soul on fire for a better future we can see clearly in our mind’s eye. One that encourages us to innovate and stretch our imaginations. 

The truth is, big goals are what get us up in the morning with a sense of excitement and possibility. They remind us of what’s possible for ourselves, our team members, and our clients.

So rather than telling my Joy Fueled™ clients to pick out the next reasonable milestone, I sit down with them to create a 3-Year Vivid Vision.  This is not just another exercise, busy work, scrappy, half-written mission statements, or empty-feeling vision board work. It’s a roadmap that will take them along a soul-aligned journey as they expand into their fullest expression as a brand and a company. 

What does a Vivid Vision include?

Developing a THREE YEAR VIVID VISION, ensures you have a MAP for the following components and how they will FEEL as you expand into your fullest expression (yet) as a brand/company.

  • Core Values
  • Culture & Spirit
  • Team
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Programs
  • Profitability
  • World-Class Content
  • Events
  • Media
  • Systems
  • Brand Image
  • Family and Friends

The impact of zooming into your X-Ray Vision is that you become crystal clear on what is yours to do, and what is not, based on the future trajectory of your company. You also have language around the FEELINGS that have been whispering to you for so long –and that means it’s time to create a MOVEMENT.

Movement Messaging becomes the mantra at this part of the The EXPAND™ Method, and we dive into these key questions:

  • What is the movement you are creating?
  • Who are you inviting to join your community?
  • And how will you increase your impact by focusing on community-building and a #RelationshipsFirst philosophy at the center of it all?

The main mistakes in this part of expanding your business are:

  • You are not clear on your THREE YEAR VIVID VISION. So, you continue making decisions based on where you are now, instead of future-focused decisions. This means you will most likely never expand into the brand vision that currently tugs at your heart.
  • You continue with the “same ole” messaging that you have been using. Yes! It has worked to get you where you are now.
  • And, Movement Messaging is what is needed to create the momentum for the growth you are seeking. Doing this allows you to become crystal clear on what is yours to do and what is not, based on the future trajectory of your company.

You are not in the rooms with people doing BIG things–nor is your business growth coach helping you THINK bigger.

Create Your 3-Year Vivid Vision

If you want to get clear on what’s next for your company and achieve big goals with ease and flow, then I invite you to take a look at our Joy Fueled™ Program. This program was designed specifically for the CEO Leader who wants to expand into the next evolution of your business, so you can lead consciously and sustainably.Click here to learn more about the program and how it can help you design, grow and achieve your Vivid Vision.

Your next level of business growth is going to require something different from you.

Do you know what that “something different” is? You might be thinking this “thing” is elusive to you–but not on my watch!

I’ve created a tool to help you you determine which part of your business needs your focus now, so you don’t burnout trying #allthethings at once.

The Business Expansion Scorecard will help you score your business as it is now–so you can celebrate what’s working–and identify your current blindspots.

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