In 2017, I set out to do something I never thought was possible for me. In fact, I was scared and nervous about this idea—because it was completely new—and it felt so grand.

I decided to host my first 3 day event called Time & Freedom LIVE!

Thought Leader Marketing

Now, hosting events can bring up a lot of stuff to deal with. Here were mine. (I think you will see a reoccurring theme here!):

  • What if no one comes?
  • OMG, I have to rent a space and secure a block of rooms! What if no one comes?
  • EEEK! I need an event planner and a team to help me on-site, who all need payment now. What if no one comes?
  • I don’t even know what the hell I am doing. I need to get coaching on this! Followed by, yup, you guessed it…what if no one comes?

You might be wondering, why in the hell would Shannon go through this—surly there is a more easeful way for her to grow her biz and make an impact?

Here’s the thing, my #1 Content Personality™ Type is Live/In-Person. I had a strong desire to host events—and be profitable at them. I wanted to reach more peeps in a shorter amount of time. Let’s face it, 1 on 1 work is great, but very slow to scale.

So, I started DREAMING. (This is pretty much my #1 tip for when it’s time to do something new.) Instead of thinking about all the things that might go wrong (like What if no one shows up to my event?), I started asking expansive questions:

  • What would it be like to give my event guests a transformative experience over three days? What would that look like?
  • How much fun can I have hosting an event?
  • How can I position myself as a Thought Leader, in my market, by BYOB – bringing my own brilliance – and sharing it with others?

Once I started thinking in expansive ways, I had tons of fun planning and working with my event team. Time & Freedom LIVE! 2017 was a huge success (and if you want to get on the first-notify list for T&F LIVE! 2018, you can do that here).

Now, we’ve been talking the past few weeks about scaling your biz— YOUR WAY. This means thinking about your happiness, your profit, and your time off, as you grow your business.

Here’s a few takeaways for you think about:

  • What is your Content Personality™? Stay in tune with it! I am sure my event was so successful because I was in alignment with my #1 Content Personality™ Type.
  • Ask expansive questions.
  • Get really clear on what you desire to create (not what your friends or doing or what you are basing your current success upon). Think big!
  • Get help when you need it. I was successful in my first event (had fun, almost sold out the event, and made $142k in profit!) because I hired a consultant to help me do what I had no clue how to do.

I am hosting a virtual workshop-like program called Scaling Up. It starts in early March, and you can register here. It is chockful of goodness and practical teachings to help you grow in a way that feels really to you.