In today’s episode, we’re going to dive deep into the Audio Content Personality® type. If you’re not sure what on earth a Content Personality® is, go back and listen to Episode 1 real quick

When you take the Content Personality® Quiz, you’ll discover that you align with one Content Personality®…not all five. So if you’ve been trying to do video (but dread it), or trying to author a book (but you’d rather pull your hair out), you’re likely NOT that Content Personality®.


Often, we may think that our Content Personality® type is one thing when it’s actually another. This is what happened to Nick. 

Nick was selling cell phones at a mall kiosk and didn’t enjoy the face-to-face interactions with customers. When he applied for a sales role with a law department that sold legal templates to construction companies, the first step of his interview process was to take the Content Personality® Quiz. The hiring manager needed someone who was an Audio Content Personality® to round out the team. The company was stuck at $700k in annual revenue. But, once the team was balanced with the various Content Personality™ types, they easily broke the 1 million dollar mark! ($1.2 Million to be exact). 

When you master your Content Personality®, great things happen – you become more confident in your marketing, more visible in the marketplace or at your work, and you grow your business. 

Time Stamps
2:43 A World Without Facebook
4:04 A Surprising Statistic
6:42 How to Create Audio Content