For 10 years, I’ve been asked to be a speaker on stages in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve politely declined.


I have zero interest in adjusting my work hours to accommodate the time zone differences. I’ve never felt guilty about that, despite the judgment I’ve received from others when I simply state my reasoning, as I did above.


This doesn’t mean I haven’t had clients from those countries. In fact, I’ve had a handful over the years who have gotten up at 2 am and 3 am to make sure they were on time for the coaching or the class/program. I have respected these clients so much for their dedication to their own business.


But let’s be honest – this only worked out so well because we are completely upfront when the requests for strategy and consulting come in from the other side of the world. We make sure they know our times for meetings and work hours. This has turned more of them away than the handful who said yes. And I’m okay with that!


I’m thinking about this today because, in The Joyful CEO™ program, we’ve got a new client starting who lives in Hawaii. It will be a 6 am start time for her over the next year – and she is fine with it. In this same program, I have a client who lives half the year in Switzerland and half the year on the East Coast. In Switzerland, it’s a 6 pm start time for her when we gather.


I’ve thought about our 12p ET programming and coaching time for years – being very intentional about why I chose this time based on the clients I wanted to attract.


With that being said, here we are!

We have two more spots open in The Joyful CEO™ Program!


This program is for those coaches and consultants where everything is going right – and you want to amplify what’s working to grow and scale with ease and joy. 


You’re a leader, and your business is working well. You’re signing clients, hosting events, scaling, all the things! But something is tugging at you. Maybe you’ve plateaued or are struggling with your time off, revenue joy, impact, legacy, influence, or income.


Maybe you are dreaming about the next iteration of your business and what that looks like for you. Or perhaps, you just want more! 


If you’re a CEO coach/consultant who is ready to create a legacy, grow a world-class brand, and lead consciously and sustainably, we’ve created this program with you in mind.


You’ll be in good company – with some of the smartest and most heart-centered coaches in our community.


If this sounds like you and you’re ready to make a greater impact, get more out of your business, and have fun along the way – I welcome you to check out the program and apply to be a part of it today!