You’ve probably heard the saying “jack-of-all-trades, master of none”. It rings especially true when you are doing all the marketing things and not seeing an ROI for your efforts

It’s time to pause and try something totally different. Ask yourself: what if you/your team focused on marketing activities that YOU love and had the courage to let the rest go?

The marketing landscape has shifted quite a bit, and to be honest, different is better (not more is better). Traditional marketing tactics (posting across multiple channels and platforms using multiple mediums (writing, video, audio, visual – Oh my!)) simply is not effective anymore. 

If you’re feeling blah and uninspired about your marketing, or if it feels like a chore you absolutely dread, I invite you to experience what it’s like to create a marketing strategy rooted in JOY and doing LESS.

Step 1: Make Your Marketing Joyful 

It’s time to break through the messaging and content blocks that are making marketing feel like a chore, so you can start generating world-class content that grows aligned audiences and deepens community relationships —and brings you LOTS OF JOY! 

Marketing Your Coaching or Consulting Business Should Not Be Hard

…but what if it feels that way?

Well, there are typically two things that consistently make marketing a struggle: 

1. Weak Messaging. 

When your messaging is weak, cloudy, inconsistent, or hasn’t been “proven” to be effective, it’s tempting to just keep publishing content and hoping for different results when we should stop and reevaluate. If you’ve ridden this not-so-merry-go-round, then you know firsthand that it’s downright frustrating and incredibly draining! 

If you’re stuck in the weak messaging feedback loop, it’s important that you double- and triple-check that your messaging is laser-focused on WHO, WHAT, and WIN:

Who Do You Want to Reach?

I can guarantee that whatever answer you think of, you need to dial that down even SMALLER. This is called niching. You may have heard that “the riches are in the niches?” This is absolutely true! If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. 

What is That Person’s Most Urgent Problem or Frustration?

To answer this question, it’s important that you don’t spend time trying to GUESS or ASSUME what their problem is. Or what you KNOW their problem is. This is WHAT THEY THINK their problem is. As experts, we know that what they often think is their problem is NOT their problem. 

For example, people come to work with The Joyful Business Revolution™ to revolutionize their marketing. They often say: “I need more clients.” That’s what they think their problem is. 

But here’s the thing: we know that there are lots of things that are contributing to their low client numbers. First, they usually have not niched enough. Second, they don’t know how to speak (messaging) in terms of what their clients think their problem is. So, they go about their marketing, saying what THEY think their ideal clients need instead of speaking in the language of the client. 

What’s the Fastest Win You Can Give Your Potential New Client? 

This is pretty simple when you think about it! They have a problem, you have a solution. Don’t cloud the waters here. Give them a win, and keep building a relationship with them! They will trust you and sing your praises! 

2. Distracted Action. 

I can (almost) bet that you are in too many places doing too many things. Taking distracted action only causes confusion, which results in frustration – yours and your potential client(s).

If you want to attract dream clients into your business through marketing that actually works, you need to drastically simplify everything, and that simplification starts by understanding your Content Personality®.

Your Content Personality® is your innate, natural way of communicating (HINT: ie, marketing!). Your Content Personality® type also will give you clues as to the ONE social media platform that is best for you

What a relief, huh?

The Joyful Business Revolution™ 3-Step Marketing Simplification Plan

If the thought of marketing makes you want to crawl back under the covers, get ready to celebrate because I’m going to tell you how to simplify your marketing, get REAL results (like a growing audience and clients you love! ), and have a life while you do it (yes, really). 

We teach a very simple 3-step process to grow your business:

1. Learn how to use your Content Personality® to deliver your message. 

This includes picking ONE social media platform that matches your Content Personality® and growing deep relationships with your community.

2. Get your email marketing working for you! 

Business owners who think long-term know that owning their own contact data is a true measure of sustainability, and that means you actively make growing your email list part of your quarterly plan. 

3. Use your blog to publish long-form content that provides insight and showcases your expertise. 

Your blog is a huge component of your SEO and business success. 

Expand Using Mission-Driven Marketing

Mission-driven marketing, rooted in engaging, creative campaigns, helps you grow aligned audiences and build deeper community relationships (at the same time!!). We define an aligned audience as prospects who align with your message and want to be part of your community! 

Oftentimes, they love what you stand for and also have a problem that you can solve. 

This type of marketing is actually quite RARE–and will help YOU stand out. Because it leverages creative, multi-media campaigns, experiences, and events, each of those touch-points allows your community to go DEEP with you on things that matter to your mission and to your work in the world. 

Mission-Driven Marketing relies on multi-week campaigns to help position your MISSION and what you stand for in a way that captures the hearts and minds of your community so that you build and deepen long-lasting relationships. Creative, mission-driven campaigns re-engage your list, expand your community (oftentimes shortening the buying cycle), and center causes that are important to you and your mission.

A few examples of mission-driven marketing campaigns we have built for small business owners are: 

  • U-Turns in Business: The unexpected U-turns we often take in business can lead to even better results if only we tune in to listen to the lessons. We used messaging around “creative U-turns” and U-turns as opportunities for growth and paired it with imagery of a u-turn and a heart. 
  • The UnMasked Leader: How do the various masks we wear affect our leadership? What masks are holding us back from leading our teams in the most effective way? For this campaign, we identified eight common masks leaders wear, assigned each an animal (perfection = laughing hyena), and created a campaign that spoke to taking off the masks and leading from a place of the REAL you. 
  • Free to Sing: The importance of using your voice and sharing your work with the world. We used strong messaging around “voice” and “song” and paired it with bird imagery for an eye-catching campaign. 

Mission-driven campaigns ARE your joyful marketing secret weapon, and most coaches and consultants are not thinking strategically about the value these campaigns bring to you and your audience! They allow others to get to know you and what you stand for outside of your offers, pitches, and services. Because honestly, in today’s marketplace, what you stand for is often just as important, if not more important, than what you sell. 


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