I’ve noticed two crazy patterns that business owners can fall into when they lack confidence.

They shrink back, filled with shame and judgment, and eventually go silent. 

Or they forge ahead blindly. They immerse themselves in busy-work (i.e., non Revenue Generating Activities), thinking: Maybe if I work harder things will turn around. 

Both patterns impact your business: 

  • Joy is MIA in your life and business
  • Your business isn’t any more fulfilling than a soul-sucking 9-5 job
  • Your bank account isn’t as fat as you want it to be
  • You feel like you are stuck, not achieving the impact and freedom you desire.
  • All the people out there who need the brilliance you bring to the world have no idea who you are!

Do you see yourself in any of these two patterns? 

If so, take a deep breath. Ditch any judgment you might have. Let go of any shame, and listen up. 

When you find yourself in one of these patterns, it can seem like you have no way out. It may feel like all you can do is suffer in silence or hustle your lack of confidence away. But I’m calling bullshit. 

The truth is: You can break the cycle and choose something different! 

It doesn’t matter how far you think you’re gone. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked without any results. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve tried to break out of the self-destructive patterns. 

If you are ready to get unstuck and move forward, then you can make it out, and thrive in your business! 

You have a choice to make: 

Keep doing the same things and expect different results. 


Invest in the help and support you need.

Here’s how The Confident Expert Program can support you in your business:

  • Knowledge.

You’ll get access to years of marketing and business knowledge. At the live calls and workshops, my facilitators and I will teach you practical tools and strategies, and help you use your Content Personality™ to come up with a solid plan for your business that works for you AND delivers the results you want.

  • Support.

Experience a true community, a sisterhood, of like-minded business owners who will lift you up, help you hone your skills, and cheer you on while you emerge as The Confident Expert you were meant to be.

  • A continuously growing library of content.

Since I started the program, nearly everything has been recorded. There are interviews where you can learn from Confident Experts across several niches, focused workshops and trainings, modules to help you with your specific needs in your business, and you can go through it all at your own pace. 

The Confident Expert Program will offer the tools, support, and community you need to awaken The Confident Expert within (while having a blast during the process!)

\If you are ready to break the cycle and choose confidence, apply for The Confident Expert Program today, and discover new levels of confidence to help you get the results you want out of your business.