A few days ago I had a major AHA moment.


 I was looking back on my life and thinking about the difference between me learning how to draw botanicals and where I am now. 

When I was learning how to draw botanicals, I was consumed by it. I would practice non stop, sometimes even forgetting if I had eaten or slept (no joke!). 


I didn’t have any support besides a few books on the subject (and YouTube, of course). I had no one cheering me on. Nobody even had a clue I was working on it, and it didn’t matter. All I wanted was to learn how to draw those (darn) botanicals. 

Which brings me to the question…what made this experience so different from other experiences in my life that weren’t so successful and that didn’t flow as easily?


The answer is JOY. 


I was so enthralled with drawing botanicals because it became a passion. It brought me JOY. Sure, I probably wasn’t good at it, but it didn’t matter to me. I enjoyed it and that was all that mattered.


Now, how does this relate to business?


In business, many people get stuck in their WHY. They beat themselves up wondering if their WHY is good enough when they hit a rut or when they become unmotivated. They get frustrated to the point of giving up. 


I always ask myself in business, is this joyful? And take steps that feel aligned with my business. 


See, I believe the majority of people don’t have any emotional connection to their “passion” or their “why.”


BUT – they DO have a connection to what brings them JOY.


And that’s what we help clients with. Connecting their business or their why to JOY. This helps them realign their goals to ensure each step they take in their business is one that will bring them joy. 


When you have a JOYFUL business, it will spread into all areas of life.


So, are you ready to replace your WHY with JOY and create a business that actually flows? 


If yes, then schedule a next steps call with Amy today! We’d love to help you find the joy in your business.