If you’re like most coaches and consultants, you’ve spent time developing a course or program that you were beyond excited to share with the world. It hit all the marks, answered every question your ideal client might have, and you were SURE it was going to be hit…

…and then you announced it…and crickets. OUCH.

This happens for a couple of reasons—and I’m going to help you discover where your offers might be falling short when you share them with your audience.

First, know this: When you’re growing an aligned audience, you cultivate a community that is excited to receive your wisdom, support and guidance. Your aligned audience believes what you believe and can’t wait to hear from you.

There are 3 key steps to attracting (and engaging) an aligned audience:

Attracting an Aligned Audience

when you’re growing an aligned audience, you cultivate a community that is excited to receive your wisdom, support, and guidance.

Step 1: Narrow Your Niche.

We can all do better here because surface-level “knowing” is no longer enough. There are many ways you can narrow your niche, which will result in your audience being able to say, “OH, THAT IS ME,” followed by, “I BELONG HERE.” (And I’m not talking about what they watch on Netflix or do in their free time. Too many coaches waste precious time having clients “figure out” this nonsense.)

One of the best ways to narrow your niche is to talk about your WHY (not your how). Share your mission, core values, and vision behind what you do. An aligned audience believes what you believe. For example, my entire brand has been built on this mantra: “If it ain’t joyful, we aren’t doing that sh*t!”

Step 2: Amplify Your Voice.

Please note this does not refer to your volume. There’s enough noise in the online space. Amplifying your voice refers to your energy and how you deliver your message.

Your unique Content Personality® makes a huge difference in the way your message is received. Knowing your Content Personality® helps you simplify your marketing significantly because you are only creating and delivering content in your natural strength. (How refreshing is that?)

Step 3: Be the Invitation.

It’s not enough to “post and pray” and hope that your aligned audience will find you. You must lean into inviting them to join your mission and vision for a changed world.

This means you also need to become highly committed to being visible (using your Content Personality®) so that your aligned audience has a chance to get to know you and be in a relationship with you. Sustainable businesses are built upon business owners putting people first.

Growing an aligned audience is POSSIBLE—and these three steps take focus and courage!

When you share your mission and services with an audience that is truly aligned with all the parts that make you UNIQUE, it’s much easier to earn their trust and create invaluable relationships.

Here’s something to remember about growing an engaged, aligned audience: Everyone you’re connected to is absorbing your messaging at their own pace. This naturally means that some of your audience isn’t ready to buy…yet. 

The good news is that if they’re not ready to buy this time, that doesn’t mean they won’t be next time. It’s your mission-driven marketing that’s going to keep your audience engaged and listening.

You might be wondering:

What is mission-driven marketing?

The content and stories in your mission-driven marketing campaigns allow your community to go DEEP with you on things that matter to your mission and to your work in the world.

This type of marketing is made up of a balanced messaging ecosystem that uses these six types of content:

  • Mission-Driven Content
  • Share Your Stance Content
  • Thought Leader Content
  • Connection Content
  • Thought Reversal Content
  • Direct Offer Content

Mission-driven marketing is quite rare, but when created with strategy + intention, these campaigns can help you stand out and shine. If you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s not what you sell, it’s what you stand for,” we know that our best clients come from deep alignment with who we are and what we stand for—not just what we sell.

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