Who controls your cash flow?


You do. (Or do you?) 


And if you are paying any attention right now to the coaches and consultants who teach the Facebook ad strategy as your primary lead gen source or cash flow, you are noticing the rage. The confusion. The despair.




You know why?


Because Facebook ads are NOT designed to work FOR you. Or FOR me. They are designed to make money for the platform. (That’s why it’s called advertising.)  


So, every single time something appears to be working and peeps are getting “returns” (more on that later), the platform gets wise and switches the algorithm. 


It’s how it’s always been. And it’s how it will always be. 


Let me say it again: Facebook ads are not designed to make you or me money. 


So, how can you build a super successful (mid 6 and 7 figure) coaching and consulting business without playing the ad game? 


Glad you asked. It’s my speciality. Let me back that bold claim up with some data:


In 2020, my company brought in $440k in revenue. $120k was paid out in expenses (team and tech). That means I kept $320k in PROFIT. I also had 197 days off that year. (And once again, no ads were used to generate this revenue.) 


My accountants and advisors were going nuts – begging me to spend more, invest in ads, invest back into the business. “Your profit margin is too high.”, they said. 


Nonsense. 🙂 


I held my ground. 


The SOUL purpose of my business is to gift me experiences that fill me up with joy. Like traveling, and artistic endeavors, and more fiction books than I will ever be able to read. In short, I own a profitable business so I can live a lifestyle that I love waking up to every single day. WHOOSH! Let that sink in for a minute. 


My business purpose is not to build an empire or change the world. (I am doing the latter, in a very intentional and joyful way.) I don’t own a business to become a manager of people or to spend my days out of my INNATE GIFT (which is teaching and creating joyful business growth and marketing strategy). 


I own a business so I can have time and financial freedom. Period. THAT’S MY STRATEGY. (And my “return” on my investment in my own content marketing.) 


So, being too profitable? Don’t come to me with that BS. 


And, ads? Not my thing. And it turns out, they are not a lot of people’s things. And that’s okay! There’s a better, more sustainable and joyful way to build a business, if you don’t want to play the ad game (which you will NEVER win). 


In my programs, we teach the FOUNDATION of sustainable business–which starts with great content marketing (this is NOT advertising btw – please don’t confuse the two). 


It’s happens in five steps:


Step 1: Identify your INNATE GIFT. This thing that you are so good at–and this thing that other people will pay you for. Price it for profit and package it in an irresistible way. 


Step 2: Get focused and clear about the LIFESTYLE you want to be living NOW. This is key–and most coaches and consultants don’t even touch this lifestyle piece. We are going to help you pivot into a business model that gives you time and financial freedom, STAT. 


Step 3: Be the expert. Develop THOUGHT LEADER CONTENT that helps others and positions you as the expert you already are. Show up in service for your community. You know, it’s that relationship thing that matters, most! 


Step 4: Learn to SELL in a way that is ethical and honors everyone involved in this energetic transaction. Help people see their future–with you in it, as their guide. (Your selling actually starts at Step 3 – with your marketing.) 


Step 5: Be the light in the world. Be joyful. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. This is where our community mantra comes into play: “If it ain’t joyful, we ain’t doin’ that shit!” 


This is how you control your cash flow. You don’t need to sink money in ads to get where you want to go, I promise. <3


If any of this sounds like what you desire, or you want a fresh approach to growing your business in a way that gifts you time and financial freedom, let’s chat


Also, if interested, check out the Business Expansion Scorecard I developed (a great example of Thought Leader Content). You will see rather quickly what you can focus on for better results.