Hey there, it’s Amy–your Joyful Marketing Specialist! Today I’m here to talk about what it means to be SO SIMPLE, you can’t help but attract the perfect-fit clients and make more money. 


Shannon and I ran an experiment over in our Facebook Group recently. 

We asked:

In 3 words or less, what does your ideal client desire MOST?

(Stop a moment to think – this is the crux of messaging and marketing. It’s not what they need (which is what you as the expert often sell and talk about)). Big difference here!

And then we watched it unfold. Total confusion. Total lack of understanding of what people are REALLY selling. 207 comments (as of Monday morning) and most didn’t know what they were selling. This was eye-opening to all! 

The good news is that total clarity came when Shannon swooped in to help them SIMPLIFY — the answer was obvious. 

Why do coaches and consultants continue to miss the mark? Why are they talking about everything except the ONE result their perfect-fit clients want the most?

Take this example:

Shannon’s clients want: More clients. 

She could talk about so many things–more time to travel, being more joyful in your marketing, why embracing your Content Personality™ helps you scale your business, and why you want to spend more time with your family.

But here’s the reality: Unless you have more clients, none of that stuff is gonna happen. NONE OF IT. 

You see: “More clients” is SO simple. It’s so simple that it sells. It’s so simple because it is what Shannon’s clients WANT: more clients. 

Shannon worked with Tina Jones–and she is now one happy coach! We want you to be happy, too. 


Remember: Simplify. And do it again. And do it again.

👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 This is what will make you money – and keep you joyful!

Do you need help to simplify?

If this conversation has resonated with you, please schedule a call with me! I am well-versed in the Joyful Marketing Method and would love to brainstorm with you, so you can dig into the details of your current business model, and we can brainstorm the next best steps for you


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Simple messaging + simple marketing + simple offer = HAPPY MONEY-MAKING COACH!!


Amy Hager

YOUR Joyful Marketing Specialist


P.S. Wanna see the Facebook post for yourself? There is so much value in that one post on marketing and messaging–check it out