Grow Your Business For Good Podcast

Welcome to Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast!

Where you’ll learn how to expand your business–WHILE experiencing more joy, more revenue, and more time off.

If you find yourself asking questions like…

Or maybe even this burning question:

Can I make abundant amounts of money while still finding joy in my business?

M. Shannon Hernandez & Amy Hager are here to show you how to do ALLLL of that (and more) – and we don’t believe in fluffy advice. 

That means that every episode is packed with implementable tips and tried and true advice.  

The Grow Your Business For GOOD podcast answers these questions (and more) for service-based business owners who want to learn how to lead a world-class business that does not tax your time, energy, or financial resources. 

We help you focus on growing a philanthropy-first business, where you use your profits for purpose. Packed with actionable tips, real life success and failure stories, and soulful insights, this podcast will help you GROW every aspect of your business with grace and ease.

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M. Shannon Hernandez

Meet Your Mentors

M. Shannon Hernandez and Amy Hager are ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz—and this duo is specifically known around the globe for their joyful marketing strategies, including the Content Personality® Wheel. They specialize in teaching their clients how to create values-driven, organic marketing oozing with integrity, so that they call in their perfect-fit clients with a simple, sustainable, and joyful marketing plan.

Shannon is the founder of Joyful Business Revolution™, the Co-Founder the Content Personality® Club, and a sought after expert in the world of marketing and business strategy. She has been called “The Queen of Organic Marketing”, growing nearly a $1 million dollar/year brand with zero ad spend and high profitability. Her expertise has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and she is a master trainer and teacher.

Amy, a true marketer and community builder at heart, and Co-Founder of The Content Personality® Club, helps clients apply simple strategies for increased revenue and productivity. When this dynamic duo is not working with their clients, you will find them funding projects that impact the world and its people, visiting wineries, and traveling the world.