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Today, we have one question: Who does your brand want to be when it grows up?

We are diving into the word alignment. And I know, I know, you’ve been hearing it many, many, times over the past few years, but it matters now more than ever..

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Here are two takeaways from Season 6 Episode 4:

  1. Identify your brand values first.

The beautiful thing about being a business owners is that you get to decide what your company culture will look and feel like. It’s important to define what you value clearly. When your clients know you value time off, they won’t get angry when we’re away because you’ve communicated that company value clearly–in your marketing, in your client interview process, and by LIVING IT. If you don’t know what your brand values are, you may find yourself switching from initiative to initiative with no cohesion. 


  1. Alignment is an ongoing process. 

As you grow as a leader, and as your company grows, it will be more important than ever that you tune into alignment even more deeply. This means you will need to “audit” places in your business where small tweaks are needed, so your entire brand, team, and vision stay in alignment with your values. 


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