We get asked questions about marketing all the time, and they often boil down to one single focus: that marketing feels hard. It’s frustrating. And it feels like everyone else has it all figured out. We’ve found that when you feel like your marketing is difficult, it typically means one of two things:

1. Your messaging is weak.

When your messaging is weak, it’s unclear, which means that your audience isn’t actually getting the message at all. In order to fix this, you’ll want to dial in your messaging to focus on the who, the what, and the win.

At the Joyful Business Revolution™, we call this “narrowing your niche.” You may have heard before that the riches are in the niches, and it’s absolutely true.

If your people do not feel seen, heard, and like you’re speaking their language, then you are not talking to the right people. To dial this in further, you need to focus on what the “who” needs – not what you think they need, but what they actually need. 

2. Are you leveraging your Content Personality®?

Your Content Personality® is your natural way of showing up in the world – it’s how people hear (and/or see) you. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than having a beautiful mission-driven message and beautiful marketing, only to discover that nobody’s listening.

When you begin to focus on sharing your message through your Content Personality®, it becomes much easier to be seen, heard and paid attention to – which means that marketing gets much, much easier.