Can I actually have a successful coaching business without a Facebook Group?

That’s the question that we will be answering in today’s podcast episode. This question was asked by one of our members in the Joyful Business Revolution™ for Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers.

The short answer is a resounding YES. Now, keep in mind that here at the Joyful Business Revolution™, we are self-proclaimed “Facebook Super-Users.” But that doesn’t mean you have to have a Facebook Group in order to run a thriving, expanding coaching, consulting, or service-based business. In our Facebook Group, we host Training Tuesdays, invite users to share their best (non-sales page) content, and even contests…but the Facebook Group model isn’t for everyone (especially if you’re not a written Content Personality®). 

Now, if you love to write, you could start a Facebook Group where every post and stitch of content is written – no images or videos. But if Facebook isn’t your favorite place, then you absolutely should not hang out there. 

Around here, we believe that “if it ain’t joyful, we doin’ that shit,” and we stand by that. So, if Facebook does not bring you joy…where else can you curate a community of humans? 

Well, you could…

  • Start a blog
  • Send a weekly newsletter
  • Cultivate a community on another platform

Remember, your business does not have to look like our business. Your business – and your marketing – should be an extension of you. This is your business first and foremost, so make decisions based on what brings you joy and stop doing the things that drain you.