If your clients and customers are happy, they’ll leave you an awesome review…right? Unfortunately, that rarely happens. The fact is that only five to ten percent of customers will leave a review.

That statistic is frustrating on its own, but when you realize that including positive reviews, testimonials, and case studies on your websites and social media increases conversions by as much as 270%…getting those reviews becomes a necessity. 

But getting those testimonials and reviews can be frustrating if you don’t have a plan – lucky for you, today we’re going to be diving into exactly what you can do to ensure that your happy clients and customers actually want to give you feedback (that you can share and turn into a review or testimonial). 

The first step is to do one simple thing that many miss: ASK. If you don’t ask for a review, how will anyone know you want one? And, as a coach or consultant, you’ll likely have to ask a few times (this can be automated to take some of the work off of your team’s plate!). 

One of the easiest ways to make the review and testimonial gathering process super simple and doable for your clients is to build it into your process. You can further simplify the process by sharing questions or prompts with your clients to help them get their awesome experience working with you out of their heads and into an email or video. 

Once you’ve received their testimonial, you can always respond back and ask them to submit it to social media, Google, or any other location. 

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