If social media makes you want to pull your hair out, you’re not alone – which is why we’re tackling this question in our first episode of Season 4. So, if you’ve ever wondered how on earth you can prepare or plan for changes to the algorithm on your favorite social media platform, you’re going to love this quick, 10-minute semi-spicy, totally binge-worthy chat.

You’re going to discover why here at the Joyful Business Revolution™, we don’t plan for algorithm changes. It all starts with understanding that “keeping up with the algorithm” is an unachievable, drive-you-crazy-trying kind of goal. Which means that asking how to keep up with it won’t provide the answers you’re searching for.  

Instead, we’re going to dive right in and share why you should shift your attention to building a community on a platform or service where you actually own the data (because you don’t own your social media accounts…). We’re going to dive into the reasons that we focus on our email list (and why you should, too!) – and why starting at zero is a good thing

And, as Shannon says, when you “Ask a better question, [you] build a better business. If that algorithm stuff is out of our control, what can we control in our business that we should be focusing our energy on?”

If you’re tired of chasing a computer program, you’re going to love this episode! Listen now: