Christine Laria is a coach for coaches, a guide to leaders, and a way-shower for healers and HSPs who are ready to move beyond knowing who and what they are (love, joy, freedom, soul power, and presence) to actually living it as their daily experience. 

She is a spiritual teacher, intuitive guide, and sound and energy master. When Christine came to us for business growth help, she was deep in the weeds of her business. 

Christine and Amy dive into Christine’s journey of learning to embrace what was hers to do as a CEO—and what wasn’t.

They talk about how they both are competent and can do everything in their businesses, but they shouldn’t. What does it feel like to release the things that are blocking your flow and growth? Tune in to find out. 

Listen to Season 3, Episode 10 of the Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast with Christine Laria now: