Amy is joined by Joan Van deGriek for today’s episode. Joan is The Wealth Bulldog and founder of Fetch Your Wealth., helping police officers, firefighters, and EMTs who are seeking financial strategies to have more money and financially protect their loved ones. 

Joan is VERY knowledgeable about taxes, finances, retirement funds and insurance policies—but she was OVERWHELMING anyone and everyone who would listen to her. 

When Joan came to work with us, she was “preparing” for the worst: her business was projected to be 38% under yearly sales goals because she wasn’t getting enough clients to work with her. 

Joan and Amy talk through her journey of finding her transformation statement (which used to be “Pay tax now, never or later” – ewww). Joan also shares how she now speaks about finances and insurance without overwhelming people and how she is leveraging her personal story to connect with ideal clients. 

Listen to Season 3, Episode 4 of the Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast with Joan Van deGriek now: