On today’s episode, Amy interviews Rachel Lubchansky, an expert business momentum coach. Rachel has a LOT going on – she’s a triplet mama and recently moved her family to Israel. 

Rachel specializes in working with coaches, consultants, service providers, and other experts who are overwhelmed running their businesses and struggling to market effectively. 

As the founder and CEO of REL Impact, Rachel helps coaches and consultants grow a profitable business with clarity, ease and joy. 

Rachel has been working with the Joyful Business Revolution™ to simplify her offerings and expand her business in a profitable and sustainable way. 

When Rachel came to us, she was was taking over $400 for every client out of her personal savings and putting it into her business account because her offers were not priced for profit. Oy! 

In her conversation with Amy, Rachel dives into how she is now priced for profit and has streamlined her offers.

Listen to Season 3, Episode 2 of the Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast with Rachel Lubchansky now: