Want to know a secret? Thought leader content is our favorite type of content – and it’s super simple to create. 

Why? Because thought leader content is…content. But it’s content that demonstrates and showcases your expertise. 

Think workshops. And webinars. And challenges. This also includes your opt-in and sales landing pages. 

In fact, you probably use thought leader content more than any other type of content in your coaching practice.

If this sounds foreign to you, here are two simple questions to help you determine what YOUR thought leader content is: 

Ask yourself, “what am I great at? How do I help others?”

The answer to those questions will drastically simplify your marketing (and likely increase your sales and conversions). 

This could be why you’ve been struggling to convert your offers or fill your webinars. 

Here’s the thing: we’re all subject matter experts…which means that we want to give…we want to help. 

…but we also want to get paid for our expertise. And this is where most of us struggle. 

Don’t worry – we’ve got a solution for you (and you’re going to love it!). Here are five common mistakes that people make when it comes to thought leader content: 

  1. Make your offer easy to find. Don’t gate keep. 
  2. Tell them what they get from your training/workbook/etc. 
  3. Use a “poll statement” to share the benefits of your offer. 
  4. Have a hyper-clear call to action – ensure no other links are on your landing page. 
  5. Nurture them.