In today’s episode, we’re going to dive deep into the Visual Content Personality® type. If you’re not sure what on earth a Content Personality® is, go back and listen to Episode 1 real quick

When you take the Content Personality® Quiz, you’ll discover that you align with one Content Personality®…not all five. So if you’ve been trying to do video (but dread it), or trying to author a book (but you’d rather pull your hair out), you’re likely NOT that Content Personality®.


Meet Kate. 

Kate was trying #allthethings in her marketing – lives, written content, and workshops–just to name a few. She was getting little traction with the content–and certainly didn’t have the number of coaching clients she desired. When she took the Content Personality™ Quiz, Kate’s result was Visual. She immediately pivoted into creating hand-drawn graphics and worksheets to deliver her message. 

And guess what happened? Within a couple of weeks, she signed her first client at her new rate of $10k. Kate now leads workshops via Zoom with Visual content that does the heavy lifting of marketing and selling for her–and her community loves the personalized content they experience when they see Kate’s messaging.

Time Stamps

0:54 What is an audio Content Personality®?

3:18 Email marketing – and how to use it as an audio Content Personality®

8:09 Visual content types

10:53 Where to use your visual content

16:41 Soulful Sales script