In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into the Video Content Personality® type. If you’re not sure what on earth a Content Personality® is, go back and listen to Episode 1 real quick

When you take the Content Personality® Quiz, you’ll discover that you align with one Content Personality®…not all five. So if you’ve been trying to do video (but dread it), or trying to author a book (but you’d rather pull your hair out), you’re likely NOT that Content Personality®.


At the core of what we do is building community. And creating quality content will allow you to build a quality community – which is why finding your Content Personality® is incredibly important. 

If you’re not a written Content Personality®, sitting down and writing an email can be a struggle. And that’s okay – you need to learn to leverage your unique Content Personality® so that content creation becomes fun and easy. 

As a video Content Personality®, you likely don’t enjoy writing long, thoughtful posts. You’d prefer to go Live, post a YouTube video, or create short-form video content. You may also enjoy creating listicles or slideshows. 

In one instance, we have a friend, Meghann, who resisted video because she didn’t want to just “be” a “talking head”. We definitely don’t blame her – but there’s more to video than just talking to the camera. You get to be creative. When Meghann created characters and filmed cute skits – her business began to grow exponentially. 

A client of ours utilizes adorable animated videos to get her ideas across, rather than resisting doing it, she made her video Content Personality® work for her. 

If you’re a video Content Personality®, what type of video content lights you up? 

Time Stamps
1:04 Take the Quiz
4:28 The Strategy
5:55 Types of Video Content
9:49 Marketing as a Video Content Personality®