As a business owner, odds are you are know how it feels to lack confidence. Stepping out of your comfort zone, even the tiniest bit, can make that feeling rear its nasty head. 

During those times, it may seem like there’s something wrong with you, or you are completely alone. And if you fall into the self-destructive trap of comparing yourself to others, you can feel isolated and abnormal. 

Here’s the deal. 

We ALL know what it feels like to be un-confident! 

I have gone through hell and back the past year. Clients stole money from me (oh yes, it happened.) Someone broke into my Costa Rica home and stole $10k worth of my belongings (even the washing machine, pipes, and solid pine doors! The nerve!!!) And I have been wondering where the hell am I taking this company (more days than I care to admit!). 

The truth is, during those hard times, I lost my confidence. So much that I shrank so people wouldn’t notice me. This affected my income, my visibility, and put me in a downward spiral of doubt and pain. I’ve learned, by openly talking about my struggles, that I am not alone! 

It’s quite normal to have your confidence born, stripped, and shaken. Especially when you challenge yourself, try new things, and take steps towards achieving your goals. Guess what? It’s okay (and normal) to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing! 

So, if you are supposed to be an expert at what you do, why do you feel less-than sometimes? 

First, good news: You are not broken or screwed up for feeling un-confident. 

Actually, I would say that feeling un-confident could be a sign that you are headed in the right direction! Everything you’re feeling is felt by business owners and Thought Leaders all over the world.  

The good news is you can overcome your lack of confidence if you have the right tools and support. 

If you don’t feel like The Confident Expert, it is most likely hidden (maybe buried) inside of you. At your core, you are strong, brilliant, creative and confident. Sometimes all you need is a little help bringing that out of you. 

The struggles I’ve faced helped show me that there is something I can do to help people when their confidence is low. (Trial by fire, if you will!) And more importantly, I learned that shrinking and getting small and invisible are all recipes for disaster as a business owner.  

What if there was a transformative program that would help you release some of the fears holding you back? 

Fears that keep you from: 

  • making the money you want to make
  • attracting the right clients to your brand,
  • having a schedule that allows for all the fun, time with family, and travel you really want
  • sticking with an effective marketing strategy that works for you and gets the results you want
  • experiencing  the joy you desire from your life and business

That’s why I have created The Confident Expert Program. It’s time to reclaim The Confident Expert that lives inside of you, so you can get on with building that business of your dreams! 

It’s time. Ditch ditch the fear, get the support you need, and step into The Confident Expert in your business. Apply for The Confident Expert Program today. 

I can’t wait to see you experience new levels of creativity in your marketing, confidence, and brilliance!