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I hired Breanne Dyck three years ago to help me figure out some stuff I didn’t know about team and scalability as a consultant. I invited her to join us at the community celebration, and this is the beautiful recap she posted on her Facebook Page following the event. 

TOP 3 LESSONS: How to take 197 days off, double your revenue, triple your profit … and do it after almost — literally — dying, in the midst of a pandemic to boot.

(As shared by M. Shannon Hernandez on her epic celebration event earlier today! )


Shannon was a client just over 3 years ago, and it was so cool to see how she continues to apply the things we worked on to grow her business in a way that works for HER.

I took notes on what she shared were the BIGGEST things she did in 2020 that led to her success; here’s what jumped out at me:

1) She prioritized taking uncontaminated time. 

For those who don’t know, uncontaminated time is days when you don’t think about work. Yes, a full 24-hour period without thinking about work.

What Shannon said that really jumped out at me was just how hard this can be, to start! But her key insight was that when your business gets to a point when things are “working” … then you jumping in with new ideas can actually do more harm than good

You need to be willing to take time to NOT think about the business, so you don’t break what’s already working. And you need to be INTENTIONAL about that — because if you don’t fill your calendar with something else, you’ll just go back to what you know.

2) She decided to hire someone else to do stuff that she’s really, really, really good at in her business.

In Shannon’s case, this was sales. Shannon is GREAT as sales. Better than most, in fact. But sales is not Shannon’s Zone of Genius (that would be teaching & training).

She said that this was THE most difficult thing she’s had to do in her business. Not just allowing herself to stop doing something she was SO good at … but allowing the time and space for her team to figure it out.

Shannon learned that it’s okay to have a bit of a drop-off in sales and conversions for a while … because in the end, not only are her sales skyrocketing but SHE is able to spend so much more time operating from her Zone of Genius … which grows the business, as well.

3) “More isn’t better. Better is better.”

You’ve heard this mantra before, right? But Shannon leaned into this in a BIG way in 2020.

Not just streamlining and simplifying — she’d done a lot of that before. But she realized that the more she tried to do, the less she was able to focus on making her few things BETTER.

So she stopped creating new things, and got relentless around focusing on ONE thing: one program, for one person, marketed through one platform.

And making THAT better, and better, and better.

Until it led to the kind of 2020 that most online business owners can only dream of.

So BIG congrats to Shannon on an amazing 2020. Can’t wait to watch the momentum continue in 2021!


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