Have you ever dreamed of building something bigger than yourself – of building a joyful business community? If you have, then you know that it’s not easy – in fact, it’s one of the most rewarding, joy-filled challenges I have ever faced to date!

When I began my journey as a business owner, I applied my skills in the most obvious way possible – as a content creator and copywriter. And I did very well…but I always felt like something was missing – but it took time to put my finger on exactly what. 

What was that thing that was slightly misaligned? I was working behind the scenes as a copywriter and content creator. I was lonely. Oh, I remember the loneliness of just wanting to be LEADING a community of my own, not just supporting other communities from afar. 

This led me to shift my services and business model so that I could grow my own aligned community and be the Thought Leader at the forefront of my own mission. This tweak has worked wonders for my mental health, my meaningful contribution to the world, my bank account, and my overall confidence. (This is also what happens when we each get aligned with our Content Personality® to grow our businesses!) 

Raise your hand if you’d love to meet more incredible people who want your help.  Who believes in your mission. Who look forward to your content, your insights, and your support. 

If you’re sitting here with your hand in the air, you’re going to love this!!

Creating My Joyful Business Community

When I started my business, I wanted to give back – not just to my clients, but in a global way. This passion has driven me to create a community of equally passionate people who are also working toward creating more joy in both their lives and their businesses. 

This led me to seek out incredible ways to share my passion – and my bigger JOY mission– with my community and the communities of other business owners who I greatly respect and admire. 

For the month of February, the Joyful Business Revolution™ is leading a conversation about falling deeper in love with your business. Because we should love what we do!

I sincerely get chills when I watch other powerful humans have an ah-ha moment where they see the fruits of their labor and reignite that spark that made them dive into business ownership in the first place. I sincerely get chills when I watch other powerful humans have an ah-ha moment where they see the fruits of their labor and reignite that spark that made them dive into business ownership in the first place. 

I wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes, so to speak, as we’re thrilled with the turnout and impact of this incredible Community Conversation (and we’re not done yet!).

The focus of this month-long event is to answer this question: 

How has STAYING TRUE TO YOU helped you fall DEEPER in love with your life and business?  


We started promoting the DEEPER Experience about a month prior to our “live” date, and asked that our contributors do the same. We provided them with sample copy templates and graphics (that are both stunning and joyful!) to make their ability to share much easier. Each of our contributors shared the event to their lists and audiences, and we were able to grow our pop up group (which will stay live until March) by more than 200 humans – and those 100 humans are new to the Joyful Business Revolution™ brand. 


Our goal for this collaborative event was to provide insights into how actual human beings are able to look deeper into their businesses – their goals, their dreams, their missteps and their triumphs. Each morning, we publish two posts – one with the day’s content and one for questions and comments about the content. 


It’s been an absolute pleasure watching the contributors deliver high-quality videos, audios, and whitepapers (because we honor all Content Personality® types here!). Each week has its own theme: 

Week 1: Deeper Simplification (of Business)

We welcomed some incredible business owners who provided insights and lessons to welcome simplification and ease into their businesses: 

  • Trusting Your Intuition to Guide Your Energy & Decision Making
  • Taking the Stress Out of Scaling
  • How Opting Out of “More” with Intentional Constraint Protects Your Energy

To wrap up the week, I led a practice that is changing the relationship coaches and consultants have with their businesses: The CEO Coffee Date With Your Business, and was joined by three other fantastic business owners. 

Week 2: Deeper Sustainability (of Energy)

We welcomed even more incredible business owners, who graciously shared how they’ve leveraged simplification to increase their productivity and save their sanity. They shared: 

  • How to UnBottleneck Your Business
  • The Value vs. Volume Business Model
  • Simply Blissful Business Foundations

We wrapped up the week with an interactive training on Business Models and asked this question: “is it time for a redesign of your business model?” 

Week 3: Deeper Sense (of Self)

We were joined by confident and insightful business owners, who opened up about prioritizing mental health, physical wellbeing, and relationships (because working all the time is not joyful!): 

  • How to Scale Your Business Without a Hint of Burnout or Exhaustion
  • How Understanding your Self-Concept Helps You Find Your Blind Spots
  • Running Your Business Like An Artist

To finish the week, we hosted a Round Table and welcomed some guest contributors for an important discussion about why falling DEEPER in love with yourself is a key piece to owning your brilliance and uniqueness and shared a decision tree to assist our guests and attendees in moving forward and implementing the lessons that they’ve learned (so far).

joyful businesss community decision tree

Let’s Create Your Joyful Business Community!

We kick off Week 4 on February 27th – and we would love for you to join us as we dive into Deeper Service (of Community). The content will remain live through the end of March, so you have plenty of time to participate in the project!

Are you ready to simplify your marketing while more effectively communicating the value you bring to your (current and future) clients? Let us help! CLICK HERE to book a complimentary session with Amy now.