Fall Deeper

In Love With Your Business

A Community Conversation

This public service project was designed for those of us who are moving away from draining business growth practices. Instead, we agree to move toward growing our businesses in an energetically sustainable way–where we get to do what we LOVE every day–and feel way more JOYFUL about it all!

For this project, we invited 20+ coaches & consultants to answer one question:

How has STAYING TRUE TO YOU helped you fall DEEPER in love with your life and business?

Their responses are illuminating, inspiring, vulnerable, and fueled with passion.

As you join us in conversation, you’ll witness–and be a part of– the DEEPER way to do business and life. You’ll see that Falling DEEPER in Love can help you create so much MORE growth in your business without burning out. You’ll participate in DEEPER conversations about business growth that will help you discover ways to grow your business in a more aligned and authentic way that works for you.

During the month of February, we will collectively gather to share heartfelt stories, “less is more” business growth advice and thoughtful discussions that will inspire you to STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF so you can grow a more profitable, energetically sustainable, and joyful business. 

Together, we will explore a new topic each week that will help you Fall DEEPER in Love with your life & business:

Deeper Simplification
(of Business)

Deeper Sustainability
(of Energy)

Deeper Sense
(of Self)

Deeper Service
(of Community)

Why is this project so meaningful to us?

We are a community of coaches & consultants…

…who love deeply and live life fully. We “do” life and business on our terms (or at least try to do more of this regularly!).

…who believe we are #StrongerTogether. We know that growing a successful business doesn’t happen in isolation.

…who know that BURNOUT IS REAL. We aim to grow our businesses in a way that GIVES US ENERGY rather than depletes our energy.

To Join us

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During the month of February, we’ll explore DEEPER themes to help you with an anti-hustle approach to marketing and growing your business.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn and interact with our inspiring contributors and fellow community members.

How this month-long Community Conversation will work…

During February, signups will get a daily email from us featuring a Fall in Love Contributor (below). They will discuss the topic – either in short written, video, or audio form.

We will gather in a private Facebook group where we will share stories, struggles, questions, and insights with one another based on daily topics.

At the end of each week (on Thursday), we will gather in community and host a Zoom discussion to dive deeper into the weekly theme.

Our 20+ Fall DEEPER in Love Contributors

Let’s Fall DEEPER in Love

with your business and life in February!

M. Shannon Hernandez

Meet Your Hosts

M. Shannon Hernandez and Amy Hager are ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz—and this duo is specifically known around the globe for their joyful business growth strategies, including the Content Personality® Wheel. They specialize in organic mission-driven marketing and creative campaigns that help their clients grow aligned audiences and deepen community relationships, so they grow their business for GOOD, resulting in more joy, more time-off, and more profits with purpose.

M. Shannon Hernandez is the founder of Joyful Business Revolution™, the Co-Founder the Content Personality® Club, and a sought after expert in the world of business strategy. She has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and she is a master trainer and teacher. Amy Hager, a true marketer and community builder at heart, and Co-Founder of The Content Personality® Club, helps clients apply simple strategies for increased revenue and productivity. When this dynamic duo is not working with their clients, you will find them funding projects that impact the world and its people, visiting wineries, and traveling the world.