About 6 months back I made a shift in my online business structure that has been profound for my energy, my joy level, and my bank account! I quit launching! 


I own a marketing consultancy business and help coaches and consultants build highly profitable businesses complete with lots of time off and loads of joy (without the use of ads). If you own an online service-based business, I’m sure you are familiar with “launching”. It’s mainly what is taught (in various forms) in the online space as a way to build interest and create urgency and/or scarcity so your prospects will buy. 


How curtains caused me to ditch the launch model 

Here’s how my recent trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase curtains resulted in ditching the launch model and embracing the open every day model.


We moved into a new home, and I had been thinking about curtains for a few weeks. There’s a lot of decision-making that goes into finding the perfect curtains! One must think about colors. Style. Fabric. Length. Hanging apparatus. The rod style, and what the rod will look like with the overall window itself. 


Once you have ALL of that figured it, it’s time to measure. There’s an entire online guide I had to consult about measuring curtains – who knew! 


Two months later, I was ready to purchase curtains. I headed out to Bed Bath & Beyond armed with all my notes and the tape measure. 


That’s when it hit me!


I remember standing in the aisle, finally selecting the curtains and rods and thinking: Why in the hell am I doing this to my future clients? Why am I “opening a cart” and “closing a cart” based on some arbitrary marketing advice I received years ago, rather than letting people do their research and take their time when purchasing my coaching programs? 


Just like me and the curtain experience, my future clients want to gather information and interact within my online community, get to know me and my teachings (build trust), and then purchase WHEN THEY ARE READY.  


Exhausted from launching? 

The launch model may work for some online business owners, but for many of us it’s downright  exhausting. The build up, the week of launch, the exhausting of our email list, the hoping it’s going to work – the fake scarcity, the rush and anxiety, and the taxing of team and resources. I was sick of running my business this way, even though we were closing $55-65k in sales every time we launched (without any paid ads).


The curtain experience changed it all. You know why? 


It was at that moment that I realized I bought when I WAS READY—like we all do for everything from milk, to cat litter, to garden tools, and tampons! We purchase EVERYTHING when we are ready. 


Except in this warped online world of marketing launches and “carts” closing. Of “free” challenges and workshops. Of fake scarcity and high urgency. (Countdown timers sound familiar, anyone?)


Finding the courage to shift 

It was time for me to ditch the launch model and move into a model of being open every day. 


Was I scared to switch over? Hell yeah I was. I mainly was scared of losing $65k weeks during launch. What if the new way didn’t work as I envisioned? What if my business tanked? 


I also had some major undoing of launch-ingrained trauma to heal throughout this process. I switched my messaging from pain marketing to possibility marketing. My newer clients have huge dreams and strong drive–and I know this is a result of “like attracts like” with the messaging shift. Being open every day also required me to get really creative with my lead generation. Because if I wasn’t basing it on scarcity and urgency, what would the new focus become?


I landed on this: I want my future clients to EXPERIENCE me and my team every time we show up! This became the single driver of my marketing strategy, my communications and content, and our exclusive invitations to experience the way we work with clients BEFORE they buy from us. (We call these Open Houses and they are quite revolutionary in the online space!) 


The results of aligned action + courage + consistency  

In the last few weeks, we have enrolled 16 new clients in various programs based on how I reworked our entire marketing strategy to continue to educate, build trust, deepen relationships, and empower my clients to purchase WHEN THEY ARE READY. 


For the first time in years, I feel energetically replenished, at ease and at peace, and ethically aligned. I am empowering future coaches and clients to make the decision to join my programs when they are ready–not based on some fake deadline or “cart closing” nonsense. 


Interested in a new way of doing business? 

I’ll be talking more about this in the upcoming weeks, because as it turns out, once I had the courage to openly share this strategy and mindset transformation, there’s been quite a few online coaches and consultants who have reached out because they too are sick of launching. They are looking for a new way of doing business–a way that FEELS good and puts increased joy, energy, and revenue as SIMULTANEOUS priorities. 


Does this resonate with you? 


If so, I’m here to be a resource and help you think through the transition. The first step is to take an honest assessment of your business structure as it stands now. I’ve created the Business Expansion Scorecard with you in mind. My intention with this resource is to show you how things can flow better for you and your business, with just a few key tweaks!  



Our mission is to help coaches and consultants design a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

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