Bed head and all I set out on my brand new rollerblades this past week. I lasted 20 minutes before I was so wiped out in the ab region that I had to find solid footing again. (My abs need more stimulation, clearly!)


I’m convinced that if you ever wanna see how effective your own coaching skills and mindset mojo are, do something you haven’t done in years. Thirty years ago (when I was 14 and in 8th grade), I lived in roller blades. You’d find me zipping up and down the streets of my small Illinois town, pack on my back, and fearless of anything in my path.


This past week? I hit a very small twig and almost crashed. And let’s not even talk about what happened when I saw a dog off-leash coming at me full speed. Oy. 


This experience was frickin scary and exhilarating all at the same time! Ha! Kinda how most of us feel about running a business, right? 


There are moments when we are on top of the world with success and confidence and feeling good in our business…and then, BAM!, a twig or running dog appears out of nowhere, and we must navigate changing dynamics. 


Wherever you are in biz, know this: You got this. Lace those rollerblades up a little tighter and set out again. Your business is worth it–and the people who need your REMARKABLE skills are worth you keeping at it.  


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