This week I’m in Florida leading another Joy Money Retreat. Be still my heart! <3


There is nothing better than taking a group of coaches and consultants through this life-changing body of work that helps them see their connection between joy and money—and how to AMPLIFY all of it!  


One of the activities we do prior to retreat is called Cinderella Goes to Rehab: Every person sets out to create a list of at least 75 desires that bring them joy – things they’d like to add to their life to enhance it. That’s the only rule; however, you wouldn’t believe how hard this activity is for people to dream again at this level. 


Why do you think this is so hard to do? [Hint: joy is in the details and requires slowing wayyyy down.]


(Here’s a visual representation of my list so far.)


I’ve now led over 200 people through the Joy Money Retreat, and here’s the one thing that we know, based on all the beautiful experiences and breakthroughs: Our joy must be fed and cared for, in order to reach new levels in biz. 


As we always say: Joy first, then the money follows. Always.


How are you feeding your joy with this level of intention? Can you create a list of at least 75 desires you have? I encourage you to give it a go!  


We always get lots of questions about attending a Joy Money Retreat – especially when the pictures and fun are shared during these retreats via social media. Would you like to attend an upcoming retreat? 


If so, great news. One of the ways we CHOOSE REMARKABLE is to include retreats into all of our programs. We believe that immersive, transformative experiences are necessary catalysts for feeding your joy and love for self and biz. 


(If you’d like to see the Joy Money Retreat highlight reel from San Antonio, TX, click here.)


Our mission is to help coaches and consultants design a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

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