We are nearing the end of the Quarter, coaches. Let’s check in on your growth: 

  1. Did you meet your sales goals this quarter?
  2. Did you make the money you set out to make (or more)?
  3. Is your calendar booked out the next few weeks with sales calls?
  4. Is your client attraction working and joyful?
  5. Are you happy with the business you have created?

These are the very questions we (me + my students) use, so we can reflect on the progress we’ve made this quarter, and start planning for the next quarter. 

As we head into the next Quarter, ask yourself this:

  1. What are you selling in Q3 and how many do you want to sell?
  2. How much revenue do you want to bring in this quarter?
  3. Is your 90 Day Marketing Strategy ready to go for Q3? And does it excite you?
  4. What passion projects will you be immersing yourself in this quarter?
  5. What’s your joyful plan for booking at least 5 sales calls/week? 

These are not hard questions, but they are very pointed questions and most often ignored when setting your goals for each quarter. 

These questions will help guide your day-to-day activities in your business. 

So many coaches and consultants waste time with words that don’t sell (blah copy), and goals that don’t matter (SM stats), and on tasks that are not creating revenue (checking email and creating graphics). 

We help our clients be HEROES WHO LASER FOCUS on the things that matter. 

You can’t do the work you are being called to do in the world, if you don’t have clients to work with.

Today, I am inviting you to step into our world and experience HERO coaching that helps you grow your business. 

It starts with you scheduling a Joyful Marketing Strategy Session–so we can brainstorm business growth ideas that will bring YOU joy



P.S. Pam and Amy (health coaches) 10xed their monthly income by working with us: “We have grown our income 10x per month since working with Shannon. It was so important to niche down and attract the ideal client. As a duo team, we figured out our balance and stayed in our strengths. This has helped us so much to become joyful and efficient! We streamlined everything and business just feels easier.”