Should you start an email newsletter? Well, the answer is hell yes!!

In this episode, we’re diving into how an email newsletter can help you deepen relationships with the people who have trusted you by giving you their email address. 

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Here are two takeaways from Season 5 Episode 4:

  1. Email doesn’t have to be a spammy sales pitch.

Those who’ve trusted you with their email want to hear from you because the work you do is important. People have given you permission to contact them–so do just that. We often hear from people: “Well, I don’t want to overwhelm them.” Remind yourself that the work you do is  important and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person–via email. 

  1. Relationships are scalable but they take time.

Connect with your audience. Ask for replies and answer them. Yes, it takes time… but people will be surprised and feel appreciated by the time you’re investing into cultivating a REAL relationship with them. 

Resources from this episode: