Yay – let’s host some live events for your business growth strategy!

In this episode, we’re sharing insight on strategies that can help with one of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship… filling your live event with engaging people who can’t wait to be in your presence and energy! 

Read our companion post if you want to know more about how we use email marketing to fill every seat at our live events.


Here are two takeaways from Season 5 Episode 2:

  1. Leverage your existing email marketing list

If you have collected emails, which you have, if you’re doing email marketing, there are several ways that you can zero in on filling your live events. Odds are, you have people in your email list that have been waiting for you to come to the city in which you’re having your event.

We’ve got people flying in from Canada for our upcoming event. So I figure if someone’s flying from Canada, somebody can drive from the top of Florida. Using your email community and those specific to the location of your event is super important.


  1. Give your people a behind the scenes experience

Take us behind the scenes. Why did this event come together? Talk about picking the venue for your event. Talk about how you are tying into the local cuisine and tapping into what’s in the community. And of course, please share about your event vision and the speakers/presentations that will be happening at the live event! 

Who are these speakers? Where did they come from? I want you to talk about what they’re going to present and the transformations that are going to be created at your event. Lastly, talk about the event curriculum and activities and what are you going to learn from being at the event, being in community, being in conversation and being around all these great people.


Resources from this episode: