In this episode, we’re talking about what email marketing should be doing for your business. Email marketing, when done correctly can not only be one of the biggest sales drivers in your business, it can help create a loyal following of prospective clients. Read our companion post if you want to know more about email marketing for coaches


Here are two takeaways from Season 5 Episode 1:

  1. Being reliant on just social media can be dangerous. 

People have found success with a huge social media following on a specific platform and things were great. They were marketing to their followers, had great engagement, and a solid response to sales. However… when you’re reliant on a single platform, your voice is only available for as long as that platform decides it is. No one knows this more than Shannon. 

As you’ll hear in the episode, she made a comment about Facebook Ads that apparently some people disagreed with and poof… her profile was gone. Luckily, Shannon is not locked in or dependent on any single social media platform, because she prioritizes email marketing. 


  1. Your email marketing should be building trust in 3 areas. 

The Trust Triad is what we teach in terms of great email marketing or community building through email. It’s really what every single email that you send out should be doing. 

First, you should be building trust in yourself. Your people need to trust you. Are you showing up online the same way you’re showing up offline? 

Secondly, your email marketing should be building trust in your process. We help so many of our clients be able to explain their process in a simple way that makes sense that people can grasp. 

Lastly, your email marketing should build trust in each reader. When people feel that you trust them with the content you’re putting out, the likelihood of them buying from you increases.

Resources from this episode: