What are the most practical ways to nurture prospects to become clients?

 That’s the question that Amy will be answering on today’s podcast episode. This question was asked by one of our members in the Joyful Business Revolution™ for Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers.

 When someone new discovers your Facebook Group, or Instagram feed, or finds you on YouTube…ask yourself, when they find me, will they come back? 

In order to create an inclusive, welcoming community, you have to understand that you’re a tour guide, and your “job” is creating a journey that your followers (new and old) will return to and follow all the way to purchasing your programs, workshops, courses, or services. 

To create the trust required for an investment, you must provide value in each interaction – either a lesson, a question that they need to examine (Amy excels at this!), and continue to follow up. 

Now, you can follow up personally, via email, on social media, or  even through text messages or a phone call – but you have to follow up. When that new audience member decides to invest in the support or guidance that you provide, you must be top-of-mind – a “no-brainer” decision. 

 When you love your leads (a technique we teach inside our programs), you open the conversation up and allow them to share their fears, hesitations, and concerns with you.  Voicing these things allows you time to respond (privately or publicly). Responding to those same questions will allow you to better hone your customer journey, taking those newfound worries into account and speaking to them earlier in the procss so that you begin to build trust right away.