Melanie Herschorn wants to make your book and brand sparkle online. 

As a book marketing strategist for coaches, consultants, and speakers worldwide, she’s on a mission to support and empower her clients to create clear messaging and content that shines a light on their individuality, skillset, and books. 

Melanie didn’t realize she was called to do this type of work before working with us—and she was also doing something she didn’t love: working 7 days a week. Sure, she was ‘successful’ at what she was doing, but there wasn’t a lot of joy in it. Now that Melanie has made an aligned shift in her business, scaled back to working 4 days a week, and is making what she calls ‘real money’, she can truly contribute financially to her family. 

Listen to Season 3, Episode 7 of the Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast with Melanie Herschorn now: