Today we’re diving into the fourth type of content in your messaging ecosystem: mission-driven content. This is the type of content that really helps build your community and share your BIG vision. 

Here’s a question: Have you fully developed a mission, vision, and purpose statement for your business? 

If you haven’t, that’s okay – that’s part of what we’re going to dive into today. 

Mission-driven content is content that helps to build and grow your community – but first, ask yourself, do you know the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement? 

It’s okay if you don’t – many people use these terms interchangeably, though they are very different types of content. 

But if you were just to hop on Google and look up “purpose statement,” “mission statement,” and “vision statement,”…you’d realize that there are at least 52 different definitions. No wonder so many people get these confused!

Each one is a question in and of itself. The answers to these questions are what differentiates them. 

Let’s start with your purpose statement. Put simply, you need to answer the question, “why do you get up and do this work every day?”

Your vision statement is essentially your messaging ecosystem. It answers the question “why do you get up and do this work every day” in a public way. Basically, what are you asking people to support or get behind? 

And finally, your mission statement answers this question: “what are we going to do in our business?” This question is internal and important for you and your team to be super invested in. 

With each of these questions, the more you speak it, the more you verbalize it, the more you talk about your messaging, the clearer it will become, and the easier it is to say.